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14. t w e l v e


t w e l v e 



   "Damn, you look like you got hit by a train, then it decided to run over you again," Was the first thing to leave Jewels lips as I walked out of the elevator. She was looking fresh and clean with her blondish brown hair tugged back into a slick bun, her outfit was pressed and clean, making her look sharp. Her make up being light, but still managed to compliment her eyes very nicely and her perfume was light, the fragrance easy on my nostrils.


   I roll my eyes, "Gee, thanks for the compliment." I sarcastically say to her, shaking my head as I place my bag onto the desk before collapsing into the chair. The impact causes the chair to roll back and hit my desk, causing the old cup of coffee in the corner to tip over and spill everywhere. "Shit!" I yell as I frantically stand up, grabbing several tissues from the box on one of the little shelves to help mop up the brown liquid. This just wasn't my morning was it?


   As I was discarding the now dripping tissues, Jewels speaks up, "So how was your evening last night?" She asks as she leans against the wall, crossing her legs and her arms. I didn't want to revel again on how much stress I was in last night, and all that happened this morning was just the little cherry on the cupcake. But was she not aware of the little bastard's disappearance? I thought I called her last night...


   "It was alright, a little stressful, but fine." I admit, running a hand through my messy hair, shaking it out a bit to give it some volume.


   "Was Harry being a pain again?" Her response caused me to scoff. She really had to ask that question? Jewels should already know the answer to this one as it seems like everyday I come complaining to her over something he said or did to irritate me.


   "When is he not one?" I begin, "But if you should know, the prick nearly gave me a heart attack. He was off the grid last night and no one knew where he was or what he had been doing. There were no pictures, no updates on any accounts, it was without a trace on where he was. Half of the staff here, if not more, were out late searching for him, checking the usual spots where he inhabits and anywhere around there. They scavenged the entire city for him and even parts on the outskirts, and nothing was discovered." I sigh out, feeling myself become stressed just thinking about the hell we all went through last night, and I betcha anything my blood pressure spiked just a bit then. "After the long, strenuous night, Niall finally found him on the side of the road somewhere close to where he lives."


   "I knew that Niall guy was a good spirit." She smirks at me like she had him all figured out from the first day he walked in the door.


   I smile a bit, "Yeah, he is. He really does a lot for me even though I don't ask for it; he's really considerate of others." Even when people treated him like shit he still was kind and courteous.


   "If only Harry wouldn't interupt you two everytime you're together," She huffs out for me and I can't help but roll my eyes. She nailed it there. It seemed like every time Niall and I would asscociate, he would find some way to butt in and cease our conversation with one of his pathetic needs that could wait an extra five minutes. But since I have to follow his every command to prevent myself from getting fired, I have to pardon myself from the conversation and attend to him.


   "A girl can only dream," I sigh out, "I mean, this morning when we were getting ready to leave Niall's-" I am cut short by a loud, breathy gasp from Jewels and judging by the look on her face, I can only imagine what's going through her head at the very moment.


   "Pause right there. You were at Niall's?" Jewels lets out a childish squeal. The fact that she's more intrigued with what could have happened at Niall's fascinates me. I figured she'd be asking left and right about Harry, but Niall, I never expected it... Well, maybe, it was Jewels after all and with her, the unpredictable is the predictable.




   "Ohmygosh! Did you guys get down to it? Is he good in bed?" She pressed and I felt my cheeks heat up at hearing this. She just went right for the big, most personal questions, didn't she?


   I shake my head as I swat at her arm, "No, and I have no clue. For your information, he had called me when he found Harry and because I knew how the two got along, I drove to Niall's to take him off his hands but he refused to let me drive back home at the late hour. So Harry and I both crashed there last night."


   She pouts, "Hmm, bummer." Jewels pushes herself off of the wall, "If I were you, I would have unwrapped him like a present on Christmas morning."


   "Jewels!" I scold her, looking around to make sure no one was evesdropping on our conversation. That would be the very last thing I needed, having someone overhear our conversation about stripping someone like a present. It would sure be a hot topic around the label.


   "It would be fast and the gift would be satisfactory." I shake my head at her comment and I can't help but let out a snort as well. I'm sure I was blushing like a damn tomatoe at the moment, but that didn't bother me as much as how she was talking about Niall.


   "I'm sure he'd be glad to hear that," I jokingly say, turning in my chair to unpack my work bag, "So what's on your agenda today?" I ask, pulling out my laptop and my folders.


   "We're working on the posters for the tour today," She groans and I can literally hear the aggrivation behind her voice, "And that reminds me, at some point when he is free, can you send him to look over the posters? We need him to make a decision on one so we can send it to get printed."


   "I'll tell him, and if he doesn't show, send them to his manager and have him pick for Harry." I said, turning my computer on. Since he hasn't picked any new tour dates, I would have to do so myself to keep us at the pace we need to be at. Jackson wanted these by the end of the week so they could be finalized and processed then be sent out for public viewing. The set date for the start of the tour has been known for a couple weeks now, and the first few shows we announced have all been sold out. The rest of the European leg of the tour is being announced sometime tomorrow, and the Asian part is being processed as of now. The only major scheduling we have left now is the North American portion, and with this being a massive continent, it equaled to a lot of dates needing to be picked.


   The stress level I was under at this very moment was greater than I have ever experienced. It feels like I'm carrying a sack of bricks up a steep hill in the scorching heat of summer, and with every step a new brick is added to the pile.


   Jewels has been long gone since I started my work, noticing I wasn't really listening to her babble on anymore. . . Or did she finally realize she had work to get done as well? Either way, no offense to her, I was glad she left. I needed to get things done and with her standing around flapping her gums about undressing Niall wouldn't help me focus. Plus it gave me some images I don't think I wanted to see just yet.


   I selected a couple dates and picked out a couple cities I knew maybe just big enough to contain his ego for one night. The biggest arenas had been booked and we're now set pending Jackson's approval as well as his managers. I look at my map one more time, and pick out a couple more cities I know will be suitable before entering the dates and arranging the venues. As long as they were big, he wouldn't care where he went.


   I had about half of this portion scheduled now, and I decided to end it there and let him decide for the rest of them. It was almost noon so that meant he would soon be here. I pushed myself away from my desk and began to walk towards the elevator so I could go down to the kitchen and make the tea I had promised him earlier this morning. Maybe he will be more compliant since I am being some what courteous to him.


   I doubt it though.


    I set the tray down gently onto the conference table, along with a small bottle of pain killers, and then I turn and place all what we will need next to it. Organizing it a bit, I step away and back out into the hallway, seeing Niall walk into view with two cups of coffee in his hands.


   "Good morning." I say to him as I walk half way to meet him.


   He smiles down at me, and leans forward to press a kiss to my cheek, "We just saw each other a little while ago, but good morning to you as well," he mutters against my cheek, "I hope you like caramel brûlée," he pulls back and hands me the warm cup that instantly warms my hands. "It looked good in the picture so I figured it would taste amazing as well, so."


   "Mm. I love it." I mutter as I raise the cup to my nose and take a whiff, exhaling in delight. "Thank you."


   "You're welcome. I figured you'd need it to get through the morning with Styles coming in and all." He utters and takes a sip of his own beverage, licking his lips as he pulls it away from his mouth.


   "I think he'll be okay once he takes his medication and drinks some hot tea. But if he's not then it looks like I'm scheduling a tour by myself." I let out a little snort, showing no amusement whatsoever. I would hate the little shit more if he made me schedule the rest of his tour on my own. But honestly it wasn't too bad this morning when I booked a few venues without having him here. It was peaceful, actually.


   Niall pauses for a moment, "You didn't actually make him the tea, did you?"


   I sigh.


   "You did." He sighs out, pressing his lips into a thin line.


   "I did, but only because I knew if he didn't get it, he'd be really pissy and a lot harder to work with. To spare my sanity, I'd rather have him content and get what he wants then remain in a bad mood and be defiant as we work." I admit to him and he nods his head.


   "I guess, but if he dare give you any grief come find me, alright?" He mutters, looking into my eyes.


   I smile, nodding in appreciation, "If the time is appropriate, I'll come find you."


   "Has he always been this walking shit?" He suddenly asks as we turn and begin to walk down to his office.


   "From what I can remember, I haven't really ever seen a full twenty-four hour period where he was purely nice. And if he was, then I must have been sick that day," I said, looking at a few of the associates. As we walk, I recall the morning where he was at my house and I nearly smile at that, but I choose not to utter it.


   "So basically he has been," Niall concludes.


   "Pretty much." I sigh out, tugging on my hair a little as I run my fingers through the mess, trying to detangle some of the knots that had seemed to form.


   I feel my phone vibrate in my hands and I immediately look down out of habit. Noticing it was just a reminder about a meeting, I push the ignore icon sending the message away.


   "So, on a more positive note, what's on your agenda for the day?" I ask, smiling as I look back up at him.


   He puffed out a breath, "Whatever Jackson wants me to do I suppose. He hasn't really set up a distinct job for me yet; I guess he's trying to see what my strengths and weakness' are or where I fit best." He shrugged his shoulders.


   "Well, what would you like to do?" I ask.


   He smiles slightly, "I would absolutely love to write music or be a producer." He admits.


   "I could see you doing both honestly, but you have such a way with words, so I think you would most likely do better as well as have a bigger impact writing the music rather than producing it."


   "But it's not possible for me to have both jobs at once. That's the only issue." He groans, "But if I had to choose between the two, yeah I'd go with writing music."


   "Maybe over time, and if you stay on Jackson's good side, you'll be writing music for some of the biggest names in the industry." I say, squeezing his arm gently.


   "A man can only dream," He shakes his head as my phone goes off for the second time that morning, but instead of a reminder, it was a text from Harry letting me know he was on his way up.


   "I guess I better be getting back to the conference room. He's on his way up," I say, locking my phone once again, "I'll talk to you later?" I question as I begin to move away from him and in the direction of the room.


   "Yeah, what time is your lunch break?" He asks me, slowly walking backwards in the opposite direction.


   "Around noon," I said.


   "Wanna grab lunch together then?" He claps his hands and rubs them together, a small smile on his face.


   "Maybe, I need to see how compliant Harry is today first. I'll text you to let you know how things are going," I say and with a final nod of his head, he departs. I turn around and walk into the room to finish setting up and to prepare for his arrival.



A/N; holy cheese balls it's been a while since I wrote for this and I freaking apolgize for that omfg. school legit has me by the throat most of the time xc. 

no harry really in this chapter, but I hope you still liked it. if not then that's okay too I suppose. feedback would be great my chidren. xx.

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