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   "Excuse me...pardon me." I say as I push past the population of the club. My eyes shift from left to right several times in search of the familiar mess of curly brown hair, but he is no where to be seen at this point. "Damn it." I mutter out of frustration. I told him to wait right where he was, but did he listen to me? Of course not. He never listens to what I tell him.


   "Do you see him anywhere?" Niall asks me from behind. I turn my head slightly to look at him and I shake my head as my response. He frowns, "Well let's just keep looking, he has to be around here somewhere and if he left the building then he couldn't have gone that far in his drunken state." He reassures me. I turn my head back to face forward, continuing my search for the bastard. With all the flashing lights and with the smoke clouding the air, it was rather hard to see just about anything in this place.


   "Harry!" I yell out, hoping he is close enough to hear me over the loud music. I look left and right still, panicking slightly now. If I didn't find him soon, he'll either hook up with some stranger or he'll get himself into some sort of trouble. His manager was going to throw a horrible fit over this if he sees pictures tomorrow. I place my hand on my forehead as I picture how he'll react, a groan slipping past my lips. "We have to find him soon before he does something stupid. His manager will already be pissed if he finds out he was drunk, if he finds out he did something idiotic while he was drunk, he'll be furious." I explain to Niall and he nods, guiding me quicker around the room. "I may have to call his manager if we can't find him. I know Harry would kill me for doing that, but it might just have to be done in order to save his ass."


   Just as I am about to give in and call his manager, Niall directs my attention over to a corner in the room, "Isn't that him?" He asks me. I don't even answer him as I am too busy trying to get to Harry.


   "C'monnnn babeee, let me buy you a drink. Then maybe we can get out of here." I hear him say to the girl he has pinned up against the wall. She giggles at him as she places her hand on his cheek and nods as her answer. He bites his lip as he backs away from her and grabs her hand, starting to walk towards the bar but I stop them.


   "Harry Styles!" I yell as I grab his arm, causing both him and the girl to look at me. He gives me a confused look for a few seconds as if he didn't recognize who I was, but then his eyes widen and he smiles at me. Something out of the usual for him.


   "Elizabethhhhh, you finally made it!" He giggles as he releases the girls hand and walks over to me, wrapping his arms around my body, pulling me into a tight hug.


   "Excuse me, Harry, but would you please let go of me." I command but he only tightens his arms around me. This is becoming very awkward for me with Niall standing right behind me and this random girl standing in front of us watching the two of us with a confused look on her face.


   "You smell good." He says in my ear before he hicups, also taking a whiff of my hair. Alright, that was strange.


   "Harry, please release me. We are out in public and people are starring strangely at the two of us. Plus this is making me rather uncomfortable." I say to him, hoping he will just let go of me already. I feel his arms loosen around me, eventually falling back down to his sides.


   "We should dance, lets go dance Lizzy." He mutters as he grabs my wrist and starts to drag me to the dance floor.


   "Oh no no no no no! We are not dancing, I am going to take you home before you get yourself into trouble." I say as I pry his hand off of my wrist.


   "Aw, c'mon Lizzy." He whines like a three year old, "Let's have some fun and just dance."


   "I said no, Harry. Now come on, we have to get you out of here." I say and grab his arm, pulling him towards Niall.


   "Hey, you're the bloke who asked Elizabeth out." Harry says as hew nudges Niall's chest with his finger.


   "Yes, I am." Niall politely responds to him.


   "I don't like you." Harry suddenly says and I gasp. That was very rude of him to say. I know he's drunk and he doesn't really have a filter on him, but he really shouldn't have said that.


   "Harry!" I yell at him. He giggles as he looks over at me.


   "What?" He giggles.


   "I cannot believe you said that to him, apologize!" I seethe. Gosh, now I feel like his mother.


   "No. I'm not apologizing for it." He says as he furrows his eyebrows together. He looks back over to Niall, "I don't like you because you took her away from me." My eyes widen.


   "Harry..." I warn him again but Niall butts in.


   "It's alright, Elizabeth. He's drunk, he doesn't know what he's saying." Niall says, smiling at me.


   "Yes I do." Harry shot back and I smack his head to get him to shut up.


   "Ow." He whines as he rubs the back of his head.


   "Anyways, Niall can you take his other arm and help me get him out of here? People are starting to stare and I thought I saw a few camera flashes earlier." I say to him and watch as he takes Harry's other arm. Harry tries to pull his arm away from Niall, but I give him a hard look and he allows Niall to grab it.


   We begin to walk away but stop once we hear a shrill voice call out for Harry. "But what about our drink?" The girl he was with earlier yells.


   "Take a rain check." I yell back to her before we make our way out of the club. As we exit, I am instantly blinded by camera flashes and that can only mean one thing. Paparazzi had found out where he was tonight. 


   "Fuck." I mutter as I start to walk forward, pulling Harry along with me. Multiple people are yelling questions out for Harry to answer, but I tell him not to say anything to them since he was drunk. Luckily he listened to me this time. Niall and I guide Harry to Niall's car and help him get in the backseat before we get in the car ourselves. I buckle up and peer behind me at Harry who was curled up in a ball in the middle of the seat, his eyes closed. "He's sleeping." I mutter to Niall as he slowly drives through the dense crowd of people surrounding his car. He honks the horn a few times to signal for them to move as well as yell out a few profanities to them. They finally clear a way for us and the second the road is clear, Niall steps on the gas.


   "How does he do that?" He suddenly asks once we are far away from the club. He slows up a bit so we are going the speed limit, and takes a quick glance at me and then the mirror.


   "Do what?" I question.


   "Goes through what we just did every time he goes out in public. That's awful what they put him through just to get a photo of him."


   "I don't really know, but I suppose you get used to it after a while." I mutter as I look back at him, seeing how calm and peaceful he looked while he slept. He looked like a little angel. I softly smiled at him and reached my arm back, brushing a few curly hairs away from his forehead.


   "So where are we heading?" Niall asks as I pull my arm back.


   "My house." I say.


   "Alright, do you want to drop him off on the way or?"


   I shake my head, "He can just stay with me, he's already asleep plus I don't know where his keys are and I don't really feel like giving him a pat down in order to find them." I said to Niall and he peers at me for a quick second.


   "Are you sure about that?" He asks me as he takes a turn onto my street.


   "Yeah I'm sure, I have a guest bedroom anyways. He can just sleep in there." I say to him as he pulls into my driveway. He shuts the car off and we both get out of the car, heading over to the passengers door to get Harry out. I shake him a few times to wake him up and he sits upright, looking straight at Niall and I.


   "Am I home?" He mumbles as he scoots over to the two of us, looking outside. He looks up at the house and a look of confusion overtakes his face. "This isn't where I live..." He mutters.


   I shake my head, "No it's not, you're going to stay with me tonight so I can keep an eye on you." I say, "Now come on, lets get you inside and get you to bed." I say and help him out of the car.


   "Yay! A sleep over!" He squeals as he runs towards the steps, tripping up them along the way. I have to prevent myself from laughing as I go up to help him. Niall follows behind me and grabs Harry's arm as I fish for my keys in my purse. Once I find them, I unlock the house and let both of them in, following after the two. I close the door and kick off my heals before I motion for them to follow me up the stairs. I lead them into the guest bedroom, and flick on the light.


   "You can just set him on the bed." I say to Niall and he guides Harry over to the bed. He instantly sits down on it and bounces a few times on his butt.


   "Hmmm, very squishy...I like it!" Harry says before he reaches down to take off his shoes.


   "Thank you for this evening, I'm sorry that it had to end like this." I say to Niall as I rub my arm awkwardly.


   "Hey it's alright, I'd rather have him safe anyways." He replies, "I best be going, we both have to be up early tomorrow for work." He says as he leans in to hug me, placing a kiss on my cheek. "I'll see you tomorrow." He says as he pulls away and heads for the door.


   "Oh and Niall?" I ask which causes him to stop and turn back around to look at me. "Can you lock the door on your way out?" He laughs before he nods his head and waves, disappearing down the hall. I smile and turn to face Harry, whose eyebrows were furrowed.


   "I still don't like him." He huffs and I roll my eyes.


   "I'm still upset at you for saying that directly to face. You don't have a proper reason to not like him, give Niall some time." I say as I walk over to him. "Now, get some rest. You're going to need it as we have that meeting in the morning." I say and walk towards the door. I place my finger on the light switch and just as I am about to flick it off, his voice stops me.


   "Stay with me...please." He softly says. I turn to face him, shocked that he would ever say such a thing to me.


   "What?" I ask for clarification, wanting to make sure what I thought I heard was actually what he said to me.


   "Stay with me, lay with me. Please, Elizabeth?" He asks again, looking at me.


   "No, Harry, you're drunk. We work together, that's awkward." I sigh out. I begin to walk away again but I feel him gently grab my arm. I turn back around to look at him.


   "Please." He says, his eyes pleading. I sigh again, knowing I was going to regret this decision.


   "Alright." I mutter to him. He smiles as he reaches behind me and flicks the light off before guiding me to the bed. I sit down and he follows my actions, pulling the covers over the both of us. "Goodnight, Harry." I say to him as I lay there starring at the wall in front of me. A gasp falls from my lips once I feel his arm snake around my waist, pulling me against his chest, his breath hitting the cool skin of my neck.


   "Goodnight, Elizabeth."





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