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∞ Millionaire ∞





   "And then I said to him, 'You know what? Go fuck yourself! I don't give two shits about what you think of me!'" His voice bellowed throughout the corridor followed by a bunch of laughter as well as the sound of heels clicking against the marble floors. His laughter was heard a few seconds later after all the fake giggles began - of the girls that trailed after him constantly - to subside. Gosh I really hated it when he brought his sluts with him to work. There was no point in it, really there wasn't. They were and are a major distraction for him and since he has an album to work on as well as a tour to schedule, we needed all of his attention for this. But the company let it happen since they wanted to keep him happy.


   I rolled my eyes as I heard them draw closer, his voice bouncing off of the corridors halls. In a matter of moments, all of the other employees on this floor would hear or see that he has arrived and they would all charge out to him awaiting for the first request to slip past his lips. I never really understood why they all practically worshipped the guy. He was just another one of the many artists that was signed to the company, so why did he get all the attention? I've worked here for three years and I have never seen anyone get nearly a fourth of the attention that he gets. Maybe it had to do with the fact that he was at the top of the charts, the worlds new 'it' boy. The one who has captivated millions of hearts as well as satisfied millions of ears with his music.


   I stood up from the chair I was sitting in and grabbed my clipboard as well as couple of his folders so we could head to the conference room and get straight to work. Then I adjusted my skirt as well as my shirt before I stepped away from the small cubical that reeked of old coffee as well as perfume. My heels clicked along the freshly polished marble tiles as I progressed towards them, wanting to meet them half way so he would have to discard the unwanted guests. 


   Once they came into my sight, I grimaced at the looks of the two girls. One had obviously had a spray tan as she looked orange, while her hair was a bleached blonde and that did not suit her at all. Then her outfit consisted of a crop top where most of her cleavage was on display and a very very short skirt, and lets not forget how her makeup is too thick. She honestly looked like a clown; a prostitute version of a clown. Now the other girl wasn't as bad as the first one I saw, but she was still up there. The others hair was a strawberry blonde colour, and her outfit was just a plain simple tight black dress. Her makeup was still very bad as the eyeshadow did not match her eye colour or her outfit at all, but she actually looked somewhat decent.


   "Good-morning, Mr. Styles." I say as I come to a halt, watching as the group of three come to a stop as well. My eyes avert between the three of them before they settle on him whose eyes were narrowed and his lips were turned down into a frown. "I'm assuming you had a pleasant evening last night." I said.


   "Good morning, Elizabeth." He said, mocking me by using the same tone that I had used with him. His lips turned up into a smirk, "I'm assuming you had a shitty evening last night." The two girls that were with him began to laugh, but I could tell that they were fake. What he said was not that funny in fact it was not funny at all. His attempt to bring me down was pathetic.


   I scoffed at his comment and rolled my eyes at him, "Nope. It was spent rather well." I quickly say, "Now I am afraid you are going to have to say goodbye to your sluts because we have some important matters to attend to." I say as I motion towards the folders in my hand. He averts his gaze from me over to the girl on his right and then over to the girl on his left.


   "Alright, but they're coming with me." He said as he looked back over to me, a playful grin spreading across his lips. I straighten up my posture as I clear my throat.


   "Sir, they are not allowed in the conference room with us as this is private information. Only those who work here or those who work with you are currently allowed in that room." I say to him but it only causes his grin to widen.


   "But they work with me." He says which causes the two girls next to him to flush red. Okay, I really did not need to know of that information.


   "Sir, I mean those who are employed here at the label. So I am sorry but they are going to have to leave or if they want they can wait out in the lobby until you are available once more." I press on, hoping he would just oblige just this once but knowing him he wouldn't.


   "No, they are coming with me." He then says, his eyebrows knitting together as well as his lips turning down into a frown.


   "Mr. Styles with the amount of work that we have yet to get done-" I start but I am abruptly cut off by his loud voice.


   "I'm the pop-star here so I say that they are coming with me." He snapped at me. I blink a few times, processing what he just said to me as well as trying to come up with something that I could say back.


   I open my mouth to speak once more but he cuts me off, "I'm the pop-star; I get my way. If I say that they are coming with me, then they are coming with me. You understand that, Elizabeth?" He asks as he cocks his head to the side. "Also you wouldn't want me to have to go to Jackson about this little issue now would you? Hmm?"


   I bite my lip to prevent myself from yelling at him right then and there. As much as I wanted to I couldn't because I would get in trouble with my boss for upsetting him. Also I really didn't want to get fired from the only job that I found pleasant. Well it was pleasant up until the curly haired bastard showed up. Now it's all hell here for me. "No, I wouldn't like that." I say which causes him to smile at me.


   "Okay then, now that that is all settled let's go ahead and start." He starts as he begins to walk forward once more, the two girls walking right alongside with him. Smirks were painted on both of the girls lips as they passed me, probably gloating that I had lost and that he had won. Once the trio were passed me I mumbled a string of profanities that were very unladylike. "Oh and before you head to the conference room," He starts which causes me to turn around to face him, "Do be a doll and bring up the usual. You know a cup of tea, some cookies and some strawberries. But make sure that you bring two extra cups as well as extra snacks since I have guests today." He says to me before he turns back around, walking away from me. The two girls begin to giggle once more which causes me to groan inwardly as I begin to walk towards the main lobby.


   "I'm the pop-star, I get my way." I mock him as I proceed to the elevators, pressing on the down button. I tap my foot as I wait for the elevator to arrive as I wanted to get this meeting over as fast as we could. "Just because you're a pop-star Styles does not mean that you have to treat all of us like your own fucking personal slaves." I grumble as the elevator dings signalling that it had arrived. The doors slid open and just as I was about to step in someone came rushing out of it, bumping into me which caused me to fall backwards from the sudden collision.


   "Watch where you are going next time you ass." I snap as I sit up from my position on the floor, looking over to whoever it was that had just ran into me so I could cuss them out but I refrain myself once the stranger looks down at me.


   "I am so so sorry about that." He rushes as he adjusts all of his stuff in his arms before he extends a hand out for me to take, which I do. He hoists me back up onto my feet where I adjust my skirt and my top again as well as try to fix my hair the best I could without a mirror. "You see it's my first day and I'm already late so I was kind of in a rush." He says to me as one of his belongings slips from his hands down onto the floor. While he bent down to pick it up, I took this time to somewhat examine him. His blondish-brownish hair stuck out in several directions as he was clad in a pair of black dress pants and a blue long sleeve dress shirt and well his shoes were a pair of beaten up sneakers. Just as he stood back up, I averted my eyes else where.


   "It's alright, accidents happen and I apologize for calling you an ass." I say as I bring my eyes back to his. He smiles at me - which I am taking that as he accepted my apology - as he once again adjusts the things in his arms.


   "I'm Niall Horan." He said as he stuck out his hand for me to shake. I took a hold of his hand and shook it gently, retracting my hand seconds later.


   "And I am Elizabeth Scott. It's a pleasure to meet you." I politely say to him as I clasp my hands together in front of me. "I hope you enjoy your time here with us."


   "I hope so too. It's always been a dream of mine to work for a label and now that I have a job with one I'm thrilled to death. I just really hope that I don't screw up this job." He says as he bites his lip.


   "You'll do just fine. Just make sure you follow the company guidelines and make sure you listen to instructions carefully as well as make sure if you are handed a task that you get it done as quickly as you can." I say. Just as he is about to open his mouth to reply someone shouts which causes both of our attention to drift over to the hallway.


   "Hurry the fuck up, Elizabeth! I don't have all damn day to just sit around doing nothing! I have other things to do!" Mr. Styles yells to me which causes me to roll my eyes and look back over at Niall who looked very confused. 


   "I'm really sorry but I have to get along now. Can't keep the pop-star waiting." I sigh out as I brush past him and walk into the elevator that surprisingly was still there.


   "Wait, who was that?" He quickly asks as he turns around so we are facing one another. I press on the button that held the doors open so I could answer his question.


   "The bastard himself, Harry Styles." I say.


   "Oh! I've heard of him before and I've heard some of his music as well and from what I hear he seems like a nice lad as well." He says which causes me to throw my head back in laughter. "What?"


   "He's far from 'nice'. He's a pain in the ass if you ask me. Oh and just a heads up don't anger him and keep him happy which means that you have to allow anything that he wants and you always have to agree with him." I said to him as I released the button, the doors instantly closing.


   I leaned back up against one of the walls in the elevator, sighing out as I gazed up at the descending numbers just wanting to be on the main floor already so I could get his damn tea. Gosh I really wish that my boss would have never assigned me to him that he would've assigned me to someone else, someone simpler and more manageable. I mean he freaking interrupted a conversation that I was having just for his own needs. I so badly wanted to yell back at him to give a damn minute or two but I knew I couldn't do that or else I would be in some deep shit.
I have to be nice to him and obey his orders as he is someone with a higher status as well as higher authority. One wrong move and I'm out the door.


   My hands travel up to my neck where I begin to massage the tense skin, my eyes fluttering shut as well. I might have to take my stress pills soon because I already know that this is going to be a very long day.









A/N: Sorry that this isn't the best! >.< But I promise it'll get better! c: Please tell me what you think! c:





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