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11. n i n e



n i n e



         [Harry's POV]


   I briskly left the building, pulling my hood over my head as I did so as I was in no mood to be discovered right now. I wasn't in any type of mood to really be around any person at the moment. Everyone seemed to be ticking me off even if they haven't done anything to pester me; I was in one of those horrible moods, and I have my manger to thank for that. The phone call I got this morning while I was waiting for Elizabeth was no phone call at all, no it was a yelling match and my manager was winning. He seemed to be pretty ticked about something, but he wouldn't tell me why. I tried to get a word in and ask him what the matter was but if I got one word out he told me to hold my tongue and not to speak. That alone made me upset. All he kept saying was how I was in huge shit for something and that we were to meet at noon to settle this. 


   I was wanting to let off some steam before then so my fuse wouldn't be as short as it would be if I just went this angry. He would probably yell at me more if I snapped at him. I rolled my eyes as I continued to walk down the sidewalk and towards my car, quickly unlocking it and sliding into the drivers seat, locking my doors behind me. I place my key in the ignition and quickly pull away from the curb, speeding down the road hoping to find something to help me calm down. So many thoughts were whizzing around in my brain which frustrated me even more. My subconscious was also barking at me that I should turn around and go apologize to Elizabeth for yelling at her for no reason, but I ignored it of course. God she annoyed me so much, maybe that's why I seem to always be either angry or frustrated, because of her annoying ass.


    My hands were gripping the steering wheel tightly, my eyes locked onto the road in front of me, occasionally shifting from the left to the right hoping to see a bar, but there was nothing. I groaned, cursing under my breath as I took a sharp turn, angry that I didn't find what I was looking for. That was then a thought popped into my head, and I took another sharp turn in the direction of his house. My foot pressed down on the pedal a bit more, speeding the car up as I was already flying down the back roads. 


  I pressed down on the brake once his house came into view, the car coming to a screeching halt. I quickly shut the car off and locked the doors, slamming the door after I exited. My feet carried me up to his door, my fist hitting the panels repeatedly. When he didn't answer right away, I pounded against the door with my open palm, growing more agitated


  The door swung open, a cloud of smoke filing out of the door and out into the fresh environment. He brought the cigarette away from his lips and blew out a cloud of smoke straight into my face. I coughed slightly from the sudden smoke filing in my lungs but I quickly straightened back up. 


  "Harry?" He asked me confused, "What are you doing here? Don't you have some meeting?" He asks, bringing the blunt back up to his lips. I look at him for a few seconds before brushing past him and walking inside the house. "Well come on in." I hear him mumble as he shuts the door and follows after me. I walk into the living room seeing Louis sitting there inhaling the toxins and then blowing the smoke out, reaching for a bottle of alcohol after and taking a long swig of it. "Hey, Louis. Look who decided to join the party." Zayn said as he clapped me on the shoulder a couple of times. I nudge his hand off my shoulder as I am in no mood to be touched. 


   "Hey!" Louis said to me, holding up his hand with the liquor bottle in the air. He made room on the couch for me and patted the spot next to him, tilting the cigarette up so the small flame wouldn't touch the couch. I walked over and sat down next to him, taking the bottle out of his hands and gulping down the bitter liquid. "Whoaaaaa slow down there buddy." Louis says as he tries to take the bottle away from me but I pull it away from his grabby hand, eyeing him to let him know not to mess with me. He held his hands up in defense before he placed the cigarette back in his mouth, inhaling the horrible toxins. "Hey, just trying to save you from getting alcohol poisoning or somethin'." Louis says as his eyes go wide and as he looks over at Zayn who is still standing by the living room door. 


   "Zayn?" I then ask him after I take the final swig of the liquor, tossing the bottle on the floor. 


   "Hmmm?" He hums as he blows out a puff of smoke.


   "Do you have anymore liquor and possibly a blunt?" I desperately ask him. He purses his lips to the side as he thinks, nodding his head a few seconds later. "Follow me." He says and motions for me to follow him. I stand up off the couch and follow Zayn into the kitchen, watching as he reaches into the fridge and pulls out a fresh bottle of vodka. He places it on the counter and grabs the bottle opener, popping the cork off the bottle. I then walk over and grab the bottle and instantly bring it to my lips, cringing slightly at the burning taste on the back of my throat. "So," Zayn starts as he watches me chug the liquid, "What's got you in such a pissy mood? You usually don't come here during the day asking for some liquor and a blunt." He asks as he shrugs his shoulders.


   "Manager made me mad, plus the usual annoying bitch, Elizabeth." I say in between gulps. "I needed to blow off some steam before I meet up with him or else I'll snap out of anger." I say, shrugging my shoulders as I bring the liquid back to my lips, starting to feel the affect from all the alcohol. 


   "Well, for starters," He says and pulls the bottle away from me.


   "Hey!" I snap and try to reach for it again but he pulls it farther away giving me the eye. I huff. 


   "You probably shouldn't be drinking before meeting up with your manager because he'll probably be even more pissed if you walk in completely wasted." He says and I roll my eyes.


   "I have a couple hours before the set meeting, so give me the bottle back and light me a blunt." I snap as I reach for the bottle but he pulls it away again. "Please, Zayn. I really need this I'm under a lot of stress and my manager isn't helping one bit so I need something to relax me." I plead and he stares at me for a few moments, deciding whether it is a good idea or not to give me back the liquor plus a blunt. 


   He sighs as he closes his eyes, mumbling a few things, "I know I'm probably going to regret this, but here." He says handing me back the bottle, "Drink it, but that is the first and last full bottle you'll be getting out of me this morning. I'll also give you one blunt, but that's it. No more, so don't even bother to ask me for more." He says as he walks back into the living room, me following after clutching the bottle in my hand. Zayn quickly lights a blunt and puffs it a few times to get it going, then hands it to me. I eagerly take it and bring it to my lips, inhaling the toxins before blowing the smoke out. 


   "So what crawled up your ass today?" Louis asks me and I shrug my shoulders, not really wanting to repeat it as I was trying to forget everything. Zayn walks over to him and sits down on the couch and starts to whisper to him. I know he's telling him what I told him because Louis looked over to me and nodded his head. I saw Zayn and Louis both talking to me but I didn't answer them, I just giggled. 


   I felt great now, I was both high and drunk and the feeling was amazing. All the thoughts and all the voices from early disappeared, they were no longer in existence and that made me even happier. I took another drag of the toxin then brought the liquor back up to my lips, drowning my worries away.




           [Elizabeth's POV]


  I've received multiple calls and texts from Harry's manager asking me if I knew where the bloke was. I answered truthfully, saying that I haven't heard from him since this morning when he came in for our meeting. But I left out the minor detail that he said he was going to go and blow off his steam, I didn't want to throw him under the bus just yet. Harry was over two hours late for his meeting with his manager and no one knew where he was at this point. I was even worried about him. His manager was pissed before but now he is livid with him for being so delayed doing God knows what. 


   I had came back from lunch and went back into my cubicle working on some paperwork and cleaning up a bit. Niall came by my little office and we chatted for a good half hour or so, discussing about our date last night and about other things as well. He asked me out on a follow up date and of course I had said yes to him since he was charming and nice, plus I didn't want to be rude and turn him down. 


   Everyone has already left for the day and I was still at work, waiting just in case Harry popped back up here. I would have to contact his manager if he did; I promised him of that. I tapped my pencil against my desk as I looked up at the clock, sighing as I noticed the late hour. I needed to go home, I needed my rest. Harry wouldn't come here anyways as it was so late.


   I stood up and stretched, gathering all my things afterwards. I plucked my phone from the desk and checked it once more to see if I had any new messages, which I didn't. I sighed as I stuck in my purse as I walked towards the elevator to leave. 


   Once I was down on the main floor, my phone began to ring. I pulled it quickly, hoping that it would be Harry calling me, but of course it wasn't. It was Niall. I clicked answer and put the phone up by my ear.


   "Hello?" I ask as I walk out the main doors and out into the parking lot towards my car. 


   "Hey," His voice saunters through the speaker, "Have you heard from him yet?" He asks and I sigh into the phone.


   "No, I haven't heard a word from him at all. I'm worried about him, Ni. I don't want him to get into any trouble." I say as I bite my lower lip, opening my car door and getting inside placing all my things in the passenger seat. I adjusted my phone on against my ear.


   "Did he ever come by the label?" He then asks but later takes it back saying it was a stupid question. 


   "No, he didn't. Someone would have told me if he came by." I say as I place my hand over my eyes, closing them as I try to think of where he could possibly be. "I don't know where the hell he's at. It's like he disappeared off the face of the planet. No one has seen him in the last few hours, not even the fans who seem to know where he is at all times." I say, worry laced in my tone. 


   "So no recent pictures of him are out?" He then asks and I shake my head but then I realize that he can't see me at the moment.


   "If there were recent pictures, that would mean he is out and about, but there's nothing. Not even on the update accounts. I swear, no one has a trace of where he could be. We may have to send out a missing persons report if he doesn't pop up soon." I groan. 


   "Hmmm," He hums, "Maybe you should just go home and try to get a good nights rest. You clearly need it and you just need to relax and stop thinking about this so much. Stress isn't good for you, you know." He says with a little laugh and I smile as well. 


   "I might just need that, thank you Niall." I say into the phone, still smiling. 


   "No problem. Well, I'll let you go so you can get going. I'll talk to you later, bye Elizabeth." 


   "Bye, Niall." I say before I pull the phone away from my ear and click end. I slump back against the seat and sigh as I look through pages on Twitter, Instagram, and all the Gossip Columns still seeing no sign of the curly haired pop-star. I look up from my phone and start my car up, pulling out of the parking lot and onto the road. Where the hell could he be?




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