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6. f o u r

∞ Millionaire ∞




   I sat in the conference room at exactly four in the afternoon still waiting for Mr. Styles' arrival. My head rested in the palm of my hand as my free hand fiddled with my pen, tapping it against the table top. A yawn slipped past my lips as I sat up straight, dropping my pen onto the table in front of me as I raise my arms above my head to stretch slightly as my muscles have tightened up due to have been sitting in the same position for such a long time. I have been in this conference room since two o'clock this afternoon after I had received a text from him saying that he would be here a little after two. I had everything ready; his strawberries had been washed and de-stemed, the tea had been freshly made, all the paper work that needed his signature had been laid out, and also the plans for his tour had been laid out so we could finish this leg of the tour. But as usual the bastard was extremely late.


   I checked the time once more, a sigh escaping my lips as I looked down at the papers scattered before me. Maybe he got caught up in the studio or with his manager or maybe he had a last minute book signing or appearance. He sometimes has to cancel last minute due to his manager booking extra events. He could have forgot about the meeting as well, which was alright with me. It meant that I would be able to go home and get ready for tonight with Niall.


   With one final look at the time, I stood up out of my chair and began to collect all of the papers that were laying across the table, stacking them neatly before slipping them into the blue folder. I then collected my pens and notebooks as well as unplugging my laptop and wrapping the cord up, placing them both into bag, as well as the folder and notebooks. My fingers wrapped around the coffee cup I had been using and brought it up to my lips, finishing it of, then walking over and throwing it away. I walked back over to the head of the table and began to collect all of my things, placing my bag over my shoulder, and grabbing the last folder that was on the table, pressing it firmly to my chest. With one final glance to make sure I had grabbed everything, I began to walk towards the door, the sound of my heels clicking against the tiles echoing throughout the empty environment. Just as I was about to place my hand on the doorknob to leave, the door flung open and in came a flustered Harry. He quickly walks past me, brushing my shoulder slightly causing me to take a few steps back from the sudden impact. I turn to watch him as he sits down in one of the chairs, propping his feet up on the table and ran one of his hands through his hair, releasing a sigh.


   "Pardon me, but my manager held me up down at the studio for longer than I even expected him to." He mutters out as he pulls his phone out of his jacket pocket, immediately becoming intrigued by the device.


   "It's alright, Mr. Styles. I understand that your manager is wanting to try and get as much of the album recorded as possible so you will be able to release it on the set date." I calmly say, even though I am extremely irritated due to him being over two hours late. We could have gotten a lot done within those two hours if only he had gotten here at the appropriate time, but no. 


   He began to laugh, "No, that was far from what we were doing. Instead of working on the album, we were arguing about random irrelevant things." He says with a shrug. 


   "What kind of irrelevant things?" I press, curious.


   He looks up from his phone, a serious expression taking over his features, "None of your damn business, Elizabeth."


   "Sorry, I was just wond-"


   "C'mon, lets get this meeting started. I don't have all fucking day." He snaps, which causes me to flinch slightly but I quickly straighten my posture and clear my throat.


   "Pardon me, Mr. Styles, but you are two hours late for our scheduled meeting. I was supposed to be off the clock at three, and it is now past four. So would it be okay if we could reschedule for tomorrow sometime?" I question, my voice shaking slightly due to nerves filtering through my body.


   He scoffs at me, "Why? So you can go on your date with Neil tonight?"


   "His name is Niall, and not for that reason. I don't want to get in trouble with Jackson for working over time again."


   "Whatever, it's a stupid name anyway. I mean seriously, who would name their kid 'Niall'? It sounds like bile. But anyways, if you're working with me, Jackson will be fine with it. Remember I am the prized celebrity here, he'll accept it." He retorts, his tone cocky.


   I gritted my teeth at what he had just said about Niall, but I recomposed myself rather quickly before I started to speak once more, "Now, Mr. Styles I know we have a lot of work to do but as I am off the clock, can't we seriously reconsider when to-"


   "Ah ah ah, I wouldn't even start, Elizabeth." He says as he looks back down at his phone, waving one of his fingers at me as he smirked. I sighed as I tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear, frustration beginning to fill me. I then place my hand onto my face, closing my eyes as well, trying to think of anything to get me out of this meeting with him, but nothing comes to mind. I sigh as I move my hand up towards my hair line where I quickly run my fingers through my locks, tugging on it slightly to help relieve some of the frustration that was built up inside me. The frustration of allowing him to run over me like this several times, the frustration of allowing him to take advantage of me, the frustration of never having the courage to stand up to the bastard. 


   "Alright," I start as I stroll over to one of the empty chairs, setting my things down on the table in front of me before I sat myself down in the cushioned seat, "Where shall we begin?" I muttered to myself, trying to figure out what to begin with. We mostly needed to work on the tour dates still as we still haven't managed to progress in it. We barely have any dates scheduled so far, which isn't a good thing. Jackson will get upset soon if he knows just how much work we have got completed within the past few days, but he has Harry to thank for that. He's been really uncooperative and that makes me so pissed. "Okay, since we really haven't gotten anywhere with scheduling your tour, we must work on that for a while. Then, if we have time, we could possibly schedule a few extra events while you are on tour. You know maybe a book signing or two, or maybe appearing on a late night show." I ramble as I pull up the tour schedule on my computer as well as the available cities, "Oh and before I forget, your manager called me and he wants to schedule a few photo shoots as well before the tour starts."


   "Oh my fuck," He groans, "There's so much shit to do." He whines to me.


   "You agreed to doing all of these things when you signed that contract." I said as I shrugged my shoulders, turning my attention back to my computer.


   "But I have much better things to be doing than some photo shoot." He complains. 


   "And I have better things to do than to help babysit your arse all day, but you don't see me complaining now don't you?" I snap to him. He looks at me, narrowing his eyes in my direction. My eyes widen as I realize what it was that I had just said to him. Where in the hell did that confidence come from?


   Before I could even begin to apologize to him for my uncalled for outburst, he was already talking again, as if what I had just said was never spoken.


   "Like what? Going on some date with that Neil fella?" He scoffs at me yet again which causes me to roll my eyes at him.


   "For the last time, his name is Niall and yes I suppose so." I retort, folding my arms across my chest.


   "Whatever, anyways, I forbid you to go out with him." He says as he goes back to looking at his phone, leaving me confused at to what he just said.


   "Pardon me?" I question, slightly laughing towards the end.


   "What? You heard me damn well, I forbid you to go out with that blonde guy tonight."


   "And why not? You don't have a say in what I can and can't do." I scoff. He's being ridiculous right now. He doesn't have complete control over my life, I still have say in what I can do.


   He shrugs, "I don't know. I just have a bad feeling about him. He seems kind of off to me, and not to mention, we do have a lot of work to catch up on."


   I scoff yet again at how stupid his answer is, "Oh really? You have a bad feeling about him? Since when does Harry Styles care about others other than himself?" I question out of disbelief. His head snaps up from his phone, his eyebrows furrowing together.


   "I don't care about you, if that's what you are thinking. We have a lot of work to do, and by you going out on a date with him will only soak up precious time."


   "Well, you don't seem to think that the time you spend in here is precious as you are always running out whether it's for your manager or for some sleazy bimbo." I spit.


   "Pardon me, but I have other duties to attend to. Not just to be here and plan all day with you." He retorts, sitting up straight. His gaze was hard and cold, and surprisingly I wasn't intimidated by it right now, honestly it's only fuelling my confidence levels.


   "I understand that, I really truly do, but when you are leaving for some slut you just met the other night, that is when I have a problem."


   "Excuse me for actually having a life, while some people on the other hand don't seem to actually have one." He throws at me, which causes me to grit my teeth out of annoyance, but before I can say anything else, I am standing up and packing away my laptop and all of my folders. I sling my bag over my shoulder and back away from the table, pushing in my chair in the process. As I begin to walk towards the door, his voice stops me.


   "And where in the hell do you think you are going?" He questions me. I turn around to face him to see that he is getting up out of his chair and that he is beginning to walk over to me.


   "To get a fucking life, since I don't seem to have one." I quickly say before I turn back around and open the door, walking out, and slamming it behind me before he could get another word in.





A/N: Sorry for the EXTREMELY long wait for this chapter, I sorta had writers block on it for the longest time >.< Anyways I hope you enjoyed it, and just ignore the 'dxmpledstyles' on the banner. Please tell me what you think! Sorry if it was short!


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