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16. f o u r t e e n


f o u r t e e n 




   All I wanted was a trip to get a bite to eat. 

   Not be sitting in a park listening to screaming children. 

   But the cafe was over crowded and since we only had a set amount of time for lunch, Niall took me to the fastest place to get a good meal; a food truck. My stomach was grumbling so badly that I went along and agreed to it, just desperately wanting any form of food to devour. I never have eaten from a food truck before so I was a bit skeptical in the back of my head, but Niall reassured me that this may have to be some of the best food he's ever eaten. And if I don't like it he's promised me with a trip to the ice cream parlor down the road. 

   As I sat on the bench watching the little children run around, I couldn't help but wonder what it felt like to be a child again. Not having any stress or the weight of the world on your shoulders; just a carefree personality where nothing mattered. All you cared about was playing around and having fun, enjoying life as much as possible. You seemed to be more creative as a child too because once I grew up almost everything became grey and your soul focus was to work to make ends meet. Your bright imagination you once had, vanishing into thin air once once you were placed into the real world. 

   I could ramble on about the perks of being a child but I stopped once I saw Niall turn away from the food truck carrying a tray of food. 

   Maybe that's just how I felt over the matter, but there could be someone out there who feels the same as well. 

   He sat down next to me and me a bottle of water, "Hope you like a greasy hamburger and fries." He says before he places a small cardboard holder in my lap. I looked down at the food and saw the already forming grease stains on the sides of the cardboard. Honestly, grease was what added the flavor to most foods, so this shouldn't be too bad. 

  "Thank you," I say as I pick up a fry and bring it to my mouth. 

   He mumbles as he brings his own hamburger to his mouth and takes a large bite out of the side of it. He chews it thoroughly before swallowing and eyeing me, "How was your morning?" He asked. 

   "It was actually pretty decent," I begin to pick up my hamburger, "He was oddly quiet this morning so we were able to finish scheduling the dates of the tour." I take a bite and nearly let out a satisfied noise at how well the burger tasted. Niall was right; this had to be one of the best hamburgers I've ever tasted in my entire life. 

   ".....Really?" He questions in a shocked tone, his eyebrows knitting together. 

  "I'm being serious," I say just as suprised as he was, "It was highly unusual. He must be sick, he would never act like this." 

   "Could still have that hangover. It typically takes a few hours for it to start settling down." He shrugs his shoulders, popping a fry into his mouth.

   "That's probably what it was, probably didn't want to increase his pain further by being loud himself." I pick at a piece of lettuce that is falling off the bun, discarding it on the piece of cardboard. 

  Because why would he want to inflict pain on others when it could turn around and inflict pain upon himself? He'd rather only torment the innocent people around him then to ever point fingers in the direction of his own heart.   

   That was a reasonable solution to it, and at least it allowed us to have a effective work day. Even though we had a little blip in the meeting over me being nosy and whatnot, we still chugged on and finished within the next hour. Then he went along his way, and I went mine. 

   But I felt like there was something else added on top of the hangover. The way he was pacing in the hallway still clung to the back of my mind. He looked pretty pissed off over whatever the person on the opposite line was feeding to him. I wondered what was happening and what got him to the point of being wound up into a tight knot. This simply wasn't just a hangover, there was some other substance there that was being troublesome to him. I could feel it. 

   Bless the souls he's going to go after over this one. 

   "You're done working with him now, is that correct?" Niall then questions after he finished taking a swig of his water. 

   "I have a meeting with him, his manager, and all the staff involved with the tour and him in general later on in the week. Then after that I think I'll be free from him for a while until they need me again." I said, taking another bite of my food. 

   I wasn't going to be working with him anymore, at least for a while anyways, and whoever he gets passed off to next is in for a hell ride. I pity the poor soul who has to deal with him for the next upcoming weeks. At least my plate is wiped clean and the nasty residue is all washed away now. A fresh start for me coming up with the next week will be wonderful. It was going to be bliss not having to worry about or deal with his nasty attitude and his never ending behavioral problems. 

   But I can't get too used to him being gone as in the end I'm still his assistant; I'm basically placed on the backburner for now, waiting to be brought back for the main event.  

   From my knowledge he'd probably be working in the studio to wrap up the recordings that are in the process. His album was due to be out by the last week of this month and his tour is supposed to be starting up the last day of next month. Meaning, he'll be so caught up with recording and rehersals for the tour. 

   "After the meeting your done with him?" Niall cocks an eyebrow up, amusement taking over his features as he softly smiles at me. "That will be good for you then. Relieve all of the stress he's put you under over the past few months." 

   "Well, I'm done helping him with this part of the tour. I'm still his assistant, I'm just not working with him every single day. He has a hell of a load to go through still with finishing the recording of his album, rehersing for the tour, and promo before he sets off for nine months. At the moment I'm on stand-by until the they need me to do something for him." I explain opening my bottle of water to take a sip myself. "Anyways, how has your day been so far?" I ask, placing the bottle right next to my hip. 

   "Eh, it's been okay I suppose. Not really much happening on my end, just a bunch of paper sorting and running errands still." He finishes off his food and places the cardboard holder back onto the tray. 

   "I'm sorry, maybe over time you'llbe promoted to something you'll actually have fun doing. I know being a coffee boy isn't the most interesting job in the world, but it's a step towards the direction you're wanting to head in." I say trying to lift his spirits slightly over the job he currently has. I started off being an unpaid intern to one of the secretaries on the eighth floor and I held that position for almost nine months before I ever got recognized. But I didn't want to tell him that because his hopes for getting promoted would slowly diminish until it was nothing.

   He hasn't been working for the label that long yet either, so of course it was going to take sometime until he would even be considered to receive a promotion. 

   I don't even know what he can or can't do with music yet, I'm just going by on my gut instinct that he would be a great writer simply because the way he speaks is beautiful. Also he has this personality that couldn't be denied; he lit up a room that was for sure. 

   That made me wonder why Harry thought he was such a nuisance. He was nothing but kind to him and anyone who works at the label. Niall even made friends with one of the most stubborn workers on my floor, and he was almost as hard to work with than Harry. 

   Maybe after some time has progressed, Harry's walls would shift slightly and he'll warm up to Niall just as the rest of us have. He can't hate him forever. 

   "I'm taking it as that. I mean, I'm just really happy to be working for a label, even if it is just a small job at one." He admits, smiling a bit as he looks at me. 

   "And it won't be small forever, I promise. People will always work their way up even if it does take some time, that just means you're working for a much better and bigger position. Just hang in there and keep pushing for what you want, when the right time comes along it'll happen." I pat his leg a couple more times for reassurrance.

   "I'll be happy waiting as long as it takes." He said, looking over at the screaming children for a brief moment then looked back to me, "So shall we go get that ice cream now?" 

   I nearly jump off the bench in excitement, but instead I licked my lips in smiled, getting up and throwing my garbage into the waste bin that was next to the bench. He did the same as me before standing in front of me with an outstretched hand. I gladly placed my hand into his and intertwined our fingers together, strolling down the path towards the ice cream parlor.


   Niall paid for my ice cream much to my dismay. I protested and tried to hand the lady my credit card  several times but he plucked it from my hand and stuffed it into his pocket. I didn't want to try and go for it because it was in his back pocket and that would have been very awkward for the both of us... Not that I didn't want to touch his butt. It was just too soon for that. 

   I finished off my single scoop cone, swallowing the last bite and discarding the wrapper that came around the cone.

   He threw away his cup and grabbed my hand again, making sure to intertwine our fingers together before walking out of the store with me close behind. We walked back through the park, seeing that all the children were no longer there, and strolled down the walkway talking about this that and the other until we came upon his car. 

   Niall walked me over to my side of his car, but stopped before he or I could open the door. He backed me up so my back was pressed flat against the car, his hands placed on my waist, rubbing soothing circles onto the clothed skin.

   "I had fun this afternoon with you," He begins, "Even though it was a quick rush to get lunch, it still ended up being a great time because we actually got through this without having any interuptions from Harry or someone else from work." He smiled at me. 

   "I had fun with you as well. I'm glad you offered lunch because I don't think I could have managed to stay there any longer without bursting into a fit. You saved me from embarrassing myself further in front of our co-workers. They already think I'm a freak as is, I can only imagine what they would have thought of me after another outburst." I admit, flushing a bit at the thought of them watching and hearing me and Harry fighting over the stupidist things.

   "Nah, I don't think they perceive you as a freak. A little stressed out, but definitely not a freak." He reassures me this time, making me smile a bit wider.

   "You're such an amazing person, Ni." I mumble, raising my hand up to touch his cheek, my fingers delicatly spreading over the surface of his skin.

   "As are you, my love." He whispers softly to me, leaning into my hand as he gazes down upon me. 

   He begins to lean forwards and I find myself doing the same as well, our lips brushing across each others until he fully presses his against my own. The kiss was soft, sweet, and gentle. Something that men now-a-days wouldn't do as all they thought about was sex; they were clouded heavly by lust. One of his hands left from my waist and moved to be placed right by my head to balance himself as he moved closer to my own body.  His other hand gripped softly at my clothes, pulling my body slightly more towards him until we were nearly flushed against one another. 

   Our lips shifted slightly, breaking away from one another so we could just manage to look at each other in the eye. Niall's lips turned up into a smile and I found myself mirroring him back as I bit my lip in the moment. 

   He quickly pecked my lips one more time, before enveloping me into a hug, my arms wrapping around his neck. Niall burrowed his face into the crook of my neck, sighing out heavily. 

   "I'm assuming it's about time to get you back to work?" He questions, his tone holding a bit of disappointment behind it. 

   I raise one of my hands and card it through his hair, playing with the ends a bit, "Yeah, I still need to present the tour dates to Jackson so he is aware of it before the meeting. If there needs to be any adjustments made, I'd rather have it be today than when his manager is sat in front of me." I mutter. 

   He groans a bit before pulling his head upright once more, eyeing my face, "I just want to be able to spend more time with you." My arms are still loosely hanging around his neck as he looks down at me. Hearing this made my stomach flutter and my cheeks heat up once again. 

   "How about tommorrow then? Right after work we can either go out or go back to my place for dinner and a movie?" I cock an eyebrow up, a small smile playing with the corner of my mouth.

   "Mmmm," He groans, "Dinner and a movie sound absolutely wonderful." 

   "Then dinner and a movie it shall be." I pull him back into me for a quick kiss before separating our bodies and placing my hand on the handle to open it. Once I'm inside the vehicle, he shuts the door after me and walks to his side, opening his door and climbing inside. 

   Niall starts up the engine, the low purr sending vibrations through the floor as it comes to life. As he begins to back up and head back to the label, he places one of his hands on my thigh, causing me to smile softly and place my own hand over his.


A/N; this is more of a filler but it has a cute Niall and Elizabeth, "insert ship name here", moment at the end. I smiled myself while writing that tbh. 

Anyways, this is probably one of the fastest updates I've ever managed to do so I'm going to pat myself a couple times on the back for this. I'm honestly proud. Not gonna lie.

Anyways, feedback is highly appreciated! xx. 

Next update will be coming within the next few days to within a week! xx. 

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