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∞ Millionaire ∞




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   I was seething with rage as I swiftly walked back to my cubicle and gathered all of my things, stuffing them into my briefcase as fast as I could without crumpling anything too bad. How dare he say that I have no life, that work is basically all I ever do...but if it wasn't for me, his perfect little empire would not be running as smoothly as it currently is. He must not realize how much of a tremendous impact that my job has on his. Probably too blinded by the fame to even see or care for anyone else but himself. Well, he also has an eye for sluts. Hmmm. Sluts and fame; a perfect combination for an asshole.


   Multiple people asked me where I was gong so early since I was usually one of the last people in the building at night, some were even questioning me if I was alright, but I didn't utter a word to them. I was too angry at the moment to say anything, and if I did speak my anger would be unleashed and towards the wrong person at that. I wouldn't want to have an outburst or cause a scene here, that would be very unprofessional, so if I had some type of meltdown I would simply just wait till I got home to do anything.


   People made a pathway for me as I walked towards the elevator, watching me as I passed. My eyes remained focused ahead of me, never averting to my right or to my left at all the people starring at me. No matter how much it got on my nerves, and no matter how much I just wanted them to stop, I just kept walking as fast as I could to the doors of the elevator.


   I pressed the down button illuminating it, my foot tapping against the tile impatiently. My lips were pressed into a thin line as I continued to wait for the elevator to arrive and when the infamous ding was heard, my foot ceased its movement and my lips relaxed. I stepped inside once the doors open and quickly pressed the first floor button, looking back up to finally see all of the people looking at me. I stood up straight and looked away as the doors shut, concealing me entirely and hiding me away from the uncomfortable stares.


    Why were they all starring at me so weirdly as I left? They all looked so shocked and so curious...'They probably overheard yours and Harry's little yelling fest in the meeting room.' My subconscious answers which causes my eyes to close and for my hand to find my forehead, an groan leaving my lips. I felt my cheeks begin to heat up from the embarrassment of the thought of them actually hearing us. They probably are thinking that I am some delusional idiot for actually having the nerve to yell at him, hell they would think you were an idiot if you even thought about yelling at him, so what they thought of me was probably a lot worse. I just hope no one says anything to Jackson, that's the last thing I need right now.


   Once the elevator stopped on the main floor, I quickly scurried out the main doors. I looked down to my purse as my hand disappeared inside it to try and find my car keys. "Damn it, where are they?" I cursed to myself as my hand continued to rummage around the small space, hoping to feel the cool metal against my skin soon.


   "You can't go anywhere without these, now can you?" I hear him say which causes me to curse under my breath and scowl at him. Even though I wasn't facing him I could tell just by the tone of his voice that he was cockily smirking at me, and even though I couldn't see what he was referring to I knew that he had my keys. I turned around to face him, my eyes narrowing as I noticed that he had my keys hanging loosely around one of his fingers.


   I swiftly walked over to him, reaching up to grab my keys but he only raised his hand up above my head, preventing me from retrieving them. "Would you please find it somewhere in your heart to give me back my damn car keys?" I spit as I stare up at him, my anger increasing due to him playing this childish game with me. "Or are you too much of an asshole to actually have a decent bone in your body?"


   "You want your keys, princess?" He seethes to me, his tone hard and cold. My eyes narrow even farther at him, not amused with him at the moment , "Then you're going to work for them."


   I grit my teeth as I look up at him. He's seriously using my belongings against me?! Just to get me to come back inside the building and work? "Keep them, I'll just take a cab as I do not have time for you or your antics right now."


   "But you need them to get into your house." He points out and I mentally curse myself out inside my head. I remain silent for a few minutes, trying to think of someway to get my keys back without going back inside that damned building, without letting him win. Now this is a time in my life where I wish I had a spare set of keys. I might have to do that on my next day off....


   "I promise I'll work overtime for the next few days if you just give me my keys." I offer, extending my hand for him to give me my keys. He eyes my hand then looks up at me as if he were contemplating my offer. "Please, I have plans tonight and I would really hate to cancel last minute."


   "So? It's just a date with some bloke who you met yesterday," He spits, "Your job is more important than him, so if I were you I would come back inside and finish this little meeting of ours." I gulp after he says this, my jaw clenching as well. I had mixed emotions right now; anger, aggravation, annoyed, ad even slightly upset. "Jackson wouldn't like to hear that you walked out in the middle of a very important meeting, would he?" He asks, cocking an eyebrow up. He's using the Jackson card again, trying to make me feel guilty so I would come back inside and work. Trying to make me think that if he did tell Jackson I would loose my job. He's jut trying to make me scared for my job, and this time it isn't going to work for me. Then, a sudden thought comes to mind; the meeting was scheduled at two, while I was still on the clock but he showed up late, after I was off of work, therefore he can not hold anything over my head.


   I smirked, "You do know that the initial meeting was scheduled at two this afternoon, don't you?" I ask as I step forward, closer to him. He nods his head. "At two this afternoon, I was still on the clock, and what time did you show up? After four! I was off the clock over an hour prior to your arrival, therefore I am not required to be here for any meetings. Any meetings that need to be held, shall be held on the next day that I am at work, which would be tomorrow morning at nine. So this meeting will take place tomorrow morning at nine, good evening, Mr. Styles." I finish as I stand on my tip toes and snatch my keys from him. I fake smile at him before I turn on my heels and walk towards the parking lot, leaving him to stand there in shock.






   "I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yell as I rush to the front door, putting my earing on. My heels click along the wooden floor panels as I practically run to the door to end it's constant dinging. Once I am there, I unlock it and open it to reveal Niall standing there with a bouquet of red roses. His eyes leave my face and down my body to the tips of my shoes then back up to my face a few moments after.


   "Wow," He says breathlessly, "You look beautiful." He says and I feel my cheeks begin to heat up from the polite compliment.


   "Thank you, Niall, you look rather charming yourself." I flirt back with him and this time, it's his turn to turn red. He looks down as his hand goes up to behind his head, scratching the back of his neck as if he was waiting for the blush to cease before he looked at me again.


   "Oh," He suddenly says, his eyes meeting mine once more, "These, these are for you." He hands me the flowers and I immediately bring them up to my nose, inhaling the soft, sweet scent. I smile down at them as I run one of my fingers over the flowers to feel the petals; soft and silky.


   "Thank you, they're beautiful. Just let me put them in a vase real quick, then we can go." I say as well as motion for him to come in so he doesn't have to wait on he porch. I close the door after him and walk towards the kitchen, picking the vase that was on the dinning room table up and taking it into the kitchen with me. I then walk over to the sink and place the roses gently down on the counter next to the sink before I turn on the faucet and place the vase under the running water, waiting for it to fill to just around the middle. My fingers wrap around the stems of the flowers and place the bouquet in the water, shifting them around a bit until they looked just right. A small smile appeared on my lips as I approve of how they look and how beautiful they are. I set the vase down on the island before I walked back out into the room that Niall was in.


   "Are you ready to go?" He asks, smiling at me as he extends his arm for me to take. I smile back at him and nod my head, linking my arm with his. We both walk out of the house, locking the door behind us, and over to his car that was parked on the curb.


   "So where are we going tonight?" I ask as he opens the passenger's door for me. I bend down and get inside, fastening my seatbelt as I wait for him to get in the car as well.


   "Well, I was thinking we go get something to eat first and then maybe take a walk along the beach and play twenty questions?" He replies, resting one of his wrists on the steering wheel as the other rested on the armrest that separated our seats.


   "Sure, that sounds great actually." I say as I smile at him. Damn, so much smiling and it's only been ten minutes into the date. My cheeks are going to hurt by the end of tonight.


   "Then dinner and a stroll on the beach it is."





   I was laughing so hard that my stomach was aching, and tears were forming at the corners of my eyes. During dinner we both had to share moments of our past and we were currently on the most embarrassing moment of our younger years; it was Niall's turn to share and his was rather hilarious. He was sixteen and he was at a party while his parents were out of town, the party had alcohol, and they were playing truth or dare. 'Truth or dare and alcohol don't mix well', is what Niall had said to me, 'Because you'll end up doing even stupider shit than if you were just wasted.' Well he was right. During the game, he was dared to run around the inside and the outside of the house stark naked screaming 'I Am Superman' and he couldn't stop until he had ran over every square inch of that property. Someone had gotten it on video and had showed it to him the next day, and he couldn't believe that he had actually went through with that. But then again, alcohol was consuming him and clouding his judgment so he really didn't have a proper say in what he did.


   Niall was beat red by the time that my laughter had died out a bit. I wiped at the corners at my eyes with my napkin to get rid of the stray tears that remained on my face from my laughter.


   "I'm sorry, but that was just too good." I say trying to prevent myself from bursting out laughing again, but a few giggles slipped past my lips, "Whew." I breath as I calm down fully.


   "Now it's your turn." He gestures to me, smirking as he folds his hands under his chin and rests his elbows on the table, "This should be great." He emphasizes with sarcasm.


   I pursed my lips to the side as I tapped my cheek with my forefinger, trying to think of a time that was really embarrassing for me. After a few moments of straight thinking, one came to mind and I felt my self blush at the thought. This one had to be even more embarrassing than Niall's.


   "Well? What is the story?" He asks still smirking. I remain silent and just stare at him, blinking a few times at him before I look down to my lap, "C'mon we both made a deal at the beginning of dinner that we had to answer anything the other asks with complete honesty, no lying, so you have to tell me this embarrassing story and judging by the amount of blush on your face this is going to be good."


   I began to laugh nervously as I fiddled with my fingers to try and soak up time, "Well," I started, dragging out the one word, "When I was about eighteen, my friend and I snuck into a club; we had made fake ID's in order to get in. We went to the bar, ordered drinks until we got drunk, and then went to go dance for a little while. I was wasted, so keep that in mind, and this was the very first time that I had ever gotten drunk in my life so I was new to it all. Also I was the good girl so I never did any of this type of stuff. So, while we were dancing I got the great idea of getting up on the little stage that was close by us and well.....I stripped for everyone and may or may not have flashed people as well. Then to make things even more embarrassing, I went crowd surfing and yelling out God knows what at the top of my lungs." I say, blushing hard as Niall laughs in front of me, "And to make matters worse, my parents found out about it all and grounded me for nearly a year."


   "Best. Story. Ever!" Niall managed to get out through his spurts of laughter. I continued to blush hard from the embarrassment, placing my hands over my face as I let out a groan to let out some of my embarrassment. I shook my head as I still heard him laugh his guts out, and he wasn't stopping. His laugher only got louder and harder which I am sure caused people to give us strange glares.


   Just as he was calming down, my phone began to ring so I pressed ignore since I was out on a date. But a few moments later, it began to ring again. I answered it this time to tell them off and that I was on a date and that I would call them back later, but the person's voice stopped me; Harry.


   "Heyyyy Elizabeth." He slurred into he phone, "Howwwsss it going?" He questions, the sound of loud music in the background.


   "Harry?" I ask causing Niall to look at me with a confused face, "Are you drunk?" I question the man on the other end of the phone. I hear him giggle then hiccup a couple times, as well as him mumbling a few things in the background.


   "Nooooo, what makes you say that?" He asks, followed by another giggle. I sigh as I place a hand over my eyes. This wasn't going to go down well in the papers tomorrow morning and word would be spreading fast over the internet about Harry Styles getting shitfaced at a local joint. His manager sure wasn't going to be happy about this either, but he wouldn't do anything to punish him since the tour was coming up, since he had to record for his new album, and because it was Harry Styles. "Heyyyy what's up pretty lady?" I suddenly hear him slur followed by the sound of a females voice, but I couldn't really decipher what she said because the music in the background was drowning out her voice, but I knew that he was trying to hook up with her.


   I sighed as I began to fight internally with my subconscious. If I didn't do anything then he was going to be in some deep shit tomorrow with all the paparazzi and fans. I stood up, collecting my purse then motioning for Niall to stand up as well.


   'What's going on?' Niall mouths to me and I move my phone to the side to tell him.


   "It's Harry. He's completely shitfaced and if I don't go to him now then he's going to be in deep trouble tomorrow." I sigh out and Niall nods his head, pulling out his wallet and placing a couple bills on the table before we began to walk out of the restaurant.


   "But I thought you couldn't stand him?" He asks.


   "I can't, but I still work for him. I have to make sure that he doesn't put himself into a situation that he won't be able to get out of." I say as we walk over to his car, "Also, I have to make sure that he doesn't make himself look bad."


   "You're such a caring person. Even to the people who you just cannot tolerate." Niall says to me as he helps me into the car. As the door shuts, I talk back into the phone.


   "Harry? Where are you at?" I ask, hoping he would respond to me. "Harry?"


   "Yeah?" He finally responds.


   "What club are you in?" I repeat myself.


   "I think I'm in the one downtown....yeah I am." He mumbles into the phone.


   "Alright, I'm going to need for you to stay put, I'm on my way to get you." I say and he just giggles before calling after another woman and hanging up the phone. 


   "So where am I heading?" Niall asks me, glancing over quickly.


   "The club downtown." I say and he nods his head once more, taking a sharp turn onto a road.


   "Sorry." Niall mumbles to me for the sudden turn. I look out the window as we continue to drive towards our destination wondering why the hell I am caring so much about Harry's image versus my personal life, which I felt like I was currently ruining by running to make sure he was okay. I really hope this was worth it.







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