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17. f i f t e e n


f i f t e e n




   I laid out the snacks onto my coffee table with a few movie selections stacked in the corner. We had just finished with dinner a little while ago and we were getting ready to settle down for the evening and watch a film or two. Without any interruptions from Harry, it has honestly been a calm evening. However, I still feel on my toes, keeping my phone nearby me just in case. I haven't had this much peace in my life since the day I became his assistant, so I haven't adjusted back just yet. Everyday was a hectic whirlwind of a storm; everyday a new issue with a new fight to go along with it. So to not have him constantly at my throat egging me on with some stupid issue of his is very strange to me. Call me paranoid, but it always seemed to be at the most unexpected, unconveinient time he would call with some issue of his. And even though he wasn't in my hair at the moment, I was still his assistant, so therefore he could still ring me at anytime wanting me to do something for him. 


   It's only officially been a day away from him and I am already wondering how he is doing and if everything is going okay for him with some of the final details in planning the tour. The last I heard he was in the studio today finishing up his album and releasing the track names to iTunes. Today would have been really hectic and hard for him, so I'm curious if he held up without snapping or threating someone else. If his manager was with him at all today then I know it was pure hell for him. 


   His manager was quite the character to deal with; stubborn, very outspoken, loud, and quick to anger. Harry had it rough when it came to him, he really did, I admit that. Even when I had to deal with him, I couldn't tolerate to be in the same room with him for more then ten minutes or else he would give me a headache.


   As I stand at my coffee table eyeing everything and making sure I have everything, Niall walks out of the kitchen holding two rootbeer floats. He gently places them down on the coffee table before picking up the stack of movies I had out and flicking through them. I sit down on the couch as he's looking, taking a handful of popcorn and practically stuffing it all into my mouth at once, chewing loudly as I try to keep it all in my mouth. 


   "You were thinking about him again, weren't you?" Niall nonchalantly asks as he glances at me from the side. 


   "What do you mean?" I ask, grabbing another handful of popcorn, popping a couple into my mouth.


   "You have that look on your face whenever you're either trying to make a decision or you're worked up over him. I know for a fact it isn't the first, so it has to be the second." He explains, turning to face me completely, "So why are you thinking about him? He's out of your hair until the tour starts, so therefore you shouldn't be having to worry about him." I get a look on my face whenever I think about him? Damn, Niall is good. 


   "I'm just wondering if he managed to last through the day with finishing his album and having to deal with his manager. I will sympathize for him when it comes to that man. He's a real handful and is really difficult to work with. I know, I had work with him for the first part of my position as as Harry's assistant." I tell him as I run a hand through my hair, recalling how I wittnessed first hand how his manager treated him. 


   Niall sighs, "Harry is a grown man. He can handle himself when it comes to others, especially his manager. He did hire the man himself after all." 


   "Yes, that is true. I don't know, I guess because I'm so used to worrying about him all the time and making sure his every need is met, that I'm still in that state of mind. It's going to take some time getting used to not being around him constantly for a while." I admit to him, picking at my nails, a habit I developed whenever I travel into deep thought.


  "You're always going to be worrying for him in the back of your mind, but right now he is in someone else's hands so it's their job to worry about him for now. You've had your hands full dealing with him these past few months, it's time for you to relax." He tells me, "What movie are you in the mood for?" Niall asks me as he shifts his gaze to the movie cases in his hand. I put the rest of the popcorn into my mouth and swallow all of it, taking a swig of one of the rootbear floats before speaking to him. 


   "It doesn't matter to me. Whichever one you want to watch, I'm fine with." I say, pulling my legs up underneath me. I watch him as he nods his head, setting all of the cases down besides one before walking over to the dvd player. As he returns, he flicks the lights off then settles into the couch with me, pulling the blanket I had laid out on the back of the couch over us. I instantly scoot closer to him and rest my head on his shoulder. "Which movie did you pick?" 


   "The Breakfast Club. I've never seen it and when I saw you had it, I figured it was time I finally watched it." He told me, and I nearly gasped. It's a classic, how could he have never seen it before? You have not officially lived until you have seen the movie.


   I raise my head from his shoulder so I can look him in the eye, "You've never seen The Breakfast Club?!" Everyone I know has seen it, so this was definitely a rarity. 


  He looks down at me, shaking his head, "Nope, I never got the chance to. And anytime it would be scheduled to show on television, I would either be working or out with friends." He then leans in close to me, almost to where his lips are pressed flush against my ear, "I couldn't cancel on my friends to watch this movie, they would have called me a female, I had to uphold my manly status." He chuckles a bit. 


  "Well tonight, dude, you are going to watch it from start to finish without harming your manly status." I say to him as I reach for the remote to press play. "This movie is classic, you're going to fall in love with it within the first ten minutes." 


  "And what if I don't by the last credit?" He asks me, a hint of amusement in his voice.


   "Then you're officially a psychopath," I joke, "But if you don't like it by the end of the credits, then I'll buy us a round of drinks the next time we go out," I start, "And if you do end up loving it, which I know you will, then you have to buy the drinks." 


  "Hmmm," He hums, tapping his chin a couple of times, "Deal, but if I win you have to cook me another one of your gourmet meals." 


  "Deal. Also if you lose, you have to cook me a meal. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie." I settle back to the postion I was in before just as the movie begins to roll on the screen. I hear Niall agree to the last portion of the deal before he reaches for the popcorn bowl, settling it on his lap.


   Niall was right, Harry wasn't my problem at the moment - he was someone else's. I've had to deal with him for so long that this should seriously be a relaxing time for me. A weight was removed from my shoulders and placed onto someone eles's, so I needed to let him go for now and focus on myself and enjoying the rest of the night with Niall. 




   "You lose!" I screech and stand up as I flick the television off, "Haha I was right! You did end up loving it! I believe you owe me some drinks and a dinner." He groans as I collect the empty glasses to put in the kitchen. I grab a couple of the bowls of candy as well to put them back in their right containers before they dried out or became stale.


   "When would you like for me to fullfil the debt?" Niall asks as he stands with me putting the popcorn bowl back onto the coffee table, following after me as I walk into the kitchen. 


   "Would Saturday evening work for you?" I question as I rinse out the glasses before sticking them in the dish washer, eyeing him as I do so. 


   "Saturday it is then." He smiles at me, "Say seven?" 


   "Perfect." I agree with him, "So what movie do you want to watch next?" I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his torso, holding him at a distance where I can still look him in the eye.


   "Wanna watch a comedy, a romance, or a horror?" He kisses my forhead after he asks, causing me to smile and feel the familiar shivers run down my spine - as cliche as that sounds. Typical, I know. 


   "A horror actually sounds lovely. I haven't seen one in a while and I really need to get my fix." I groan as I bury my head in his chest, inhaling his scent. He wraps his arms tighter around me, pulling me closer to his body so we are fully flushed against one another. The warmth from his body warming my own and making me feel comforted and safe at once. 


   "Are you sure?" Niall cautiously asks me and I roll my eyes, getting at what he was kind of implying by the question. I will not allow him to put me into that category.


   "I'm not like the sterotypical girl when she watches horror movies. I actually like them and are fascinated with the story lines. So of course I'm sure, lets go put one on." I unwrap my arms from around him and pull him along with me back into the living room where I select a movie and put it in. I was actually excited to watch it, feeling the goosebumps already rise onto my skin from the anxious feeling normally came along with these. A good anxious though. The anticipation of what was going to happen in the movie rising within me.


   "Don't worry I'll protect you," Niall says to me as the two of us settle back into the spots we were in on the couch, burried under the blanket till only our eyes were visible. "If you get scared you have my shoulder to hide." 


  "I don't think I'll be needing it, but you're welcome to use mine if you get a bit frightened yourself." I tease. 


  "I'm a man, I don't get scarred." He scoffs and places his arm around my shoulder.


   Within the first half hour Niall was shaking and screaming at a couple parts and hiding under the blanket. I couldn't help but laugh at him a bit because he claimed to never get scared. I was fine, I was lasting through the movie without getting frightened. There were a few jumping moments for me of course but I never got to the point of hiding myself under a blanket or in Niall's shoulder as he wanted me to do. He was practically almost in my lap. 


   Through the rest of the movie he was peeking at the screen every once in a while but he was mostly hiding under the covers. Once it was over entirely, I had gotten up and turned the lights back on, squinting upon doing so at the quick change. Niall was sitting up on the couch with the blanket all in his lap, looking right at me as I walked back to the couch, standing directly beside his sitting frame. 


   "So... How are you holding up?" I question, holding back my laugh that so desperately wanted to come out. 


   "Pfft, I didn't get scared for a single moment. I was only playing around when I would scream and hide." He says trying to protect his ego.


   "Oh really? So you were just acting when you were screaming and begging for me to turn it off?" I press, biting my lip as I look down at him. He scoffs and nods his head, his face beginning to slightly turn pink an indication to me that he was embarrassed. 


  "Well... I-I...I was only thinking about your well being." He rushes out, his face turning a darker shade. 


   "Oh, that was very considerate of you," I say to him, sitting down on the arm of the couch. 


   "That's what people say, I'm a considerate person." He shrugs his shoulders and smiles up at me which causes me to faintly laugh and aquick shake of my head. 


   "You're adorable when you're embarrassed." I admit running a hand through his messy hair. 


   He sighs, "People also tell me that."


   "Well it's only the truth." I counter back. My eyes move to the clock on the wall behind the television and I see it's approaching midnight already, and the two of us have to be at the label a bit after eight in the morning. "It's almost midnight." I mutter, and I watch as Niall's eyes widen and he looks at my clock, his eyes widening even more - if that's possible. 


   "Shit. I'm so sorry for keeping you up, you have to work early in the morning." He says as he stands up from his sitting position on the couch. 


   "It's alright, and as do you. We both have an early start to the morning." I say as I stand up as well. 


   "I should be going then. Thank you for such a wonderful evening," He begins as we walk towards my front door where he slips on his shoes, "I had a fun time hanging out with you. 


   "So did I. Thank you for coming over tonight." I smile at him as he opens the door to leave, "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning." 


   He smiles briefly at me before leaning in and giving me a soft kiss goodnight. It was brief, but still really sweet. Once we pull apart he tells me goodnight one more time before walking out, and down to his car. I wait for him to get in his vehicle before closing and locking my door behind me. 


   I rest my back against the door and sigh, smiling to myself. 


   For once Harry wasn't occupying my thoughts constantly, but instead a blonde Irishman was.




A/N; why am i so bad at updating? i'm so so sorry, it's been a rough few months on my end but heres an update for you.

this is really another filler chapter and i know these are boring but it has another Niall and Elizabeth date :) 

i'll try my hardest on getting the next chapter up but my dad is coming in this weekend and staying all next week, so it'll be hard to get one out, but i'll try. feedback is highly appreciated!! xx.









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