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13. e l e v e n



e l e v e n




                  [Elizabeth's POV]


   My eyes fluttered open and instantly fell on the sleeping boy next to me. A small smile crept onto my face as I watched him. His mouth was parted slightly, and faint snores were leaving his lips in a steady manner as his arm was draped around my waist. I ran my finger delicately over his cheek before I leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. He stirred a bit in his sleep but settled back down again and continued on snoring. I slowly removed his arm from around my waist as I slipped out of the bed as quietly as possible and snuck out of the room, closing the door gently behind me. I tip toed out into the living room to see that Harry was still passed out on the couch, but he was in a rather awkward position with one leg propped up on the back of the couch and one hanging off of it. One of his arms was draped across his forehead while the other one was outstretched behind his head. I quietly walked by the couch and made my way into the kitchen, searching for a kettle so I could make some tea to help me wake up. 


   My eyes shifted over to the clock on the microwave and I felt my mouth drop and I quickly went back to searching for a damn kettle. It was nearly seven in the morning; I would have to leave here as soon as possible so I would be able to go home and get ready for the day - so that meant having a quick cup of tea then hitting the road. If Niall or Harry didn't wake up by the time I finished my tea, I would leave a note and see then later when they get to work themselves. 


   I hadn't realized how noisy I was being until Harry came wandering into the kitchen, clutching his head with one hand and wincing at the loud sounds. When I saw him standing by the counter, I dropped the pot I was holding and jumped back out of surprise; mostly seeing him up this early. 


   "Damn it, Elizabeth. How loud do you have to be?" He sharply asks me as he eyes me out of annoyance. 


   "I-I'm sorry I have to get going soon and I can't seem to find the kettle to make some tea before I have to leave." I say as I bend down to pick up the pot, turning it over in my hand as I check it to make sure there are no dents.


   "So you think throwing pots and pans about and making a lot of noise is going to help you find a kettle faster?" He asks as he rolls his eyes. 


   "Of course not. I just got into a little rush mode, I'm sorry." I say as I turn back around to look for the kettle once more. 


   "Wait..." He mumbles which causes me to look back over my shoulder at him, "What are you doing here? I don't remember you being here last night." He says as he narrows his eyes, "Did the little blonde bloke call you?" He asks me.


   "He texted me to tell me that he had found you and that you were with him, I came out of my own will." I say to him and I watch as he presses his lips into a thin line. 


   "I thought I told him not to contact you." I hear him mutter.


   "He only did it so just in case your manager were to ask me where you were last night then I can tell him you were at a friends house." I defend Niall.


   "Him and I will never be friends, so what you would be telling my manager would be a lie, and he hates lying." He says as he points at me.


   "Would you please just try to warm up to Niall and at least give him a chance? He could have left you in your car last night out in the open for the public to do whatever they wanted to do with you if they found out where you were exactly but instead he decided to be a nice person and take you back to his place where he knew you would be safe." I huff at him as I narrow my own eyes, rather upset with him, "And quit pointing, it's rude." 


   "I think I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna do. I don't have to warm up to Niall, he works for me and that is it. He will never be anything above that, so if you are expecting me to go be all buddy buddy with him, catch another train sweetheart because that one isn't going anywhere you want it to go." He says to me. "Now where is the damn pain killers, my headache is pounding." He says as he wanders around the kitchen, opening and slamming cupboards. 


   "Now who is the one making all the ruckus?" I sarcastically say to him and he snaps his head in my direction to look at me. 


   "Shut up, Lizzy. I'm the only one who gets to be sarcastic around here." 


   "No, correction, you are a sarcastic ass while I am just being plain out sarcastic. There's a difference between the two; learn it." I snap at him and he rolls his eyes. 


   "You are already annoying me horribly and it isn't even seven in the morning yet." He sighs out as he continues to search for his medicine. 


   "And you are already being a pain in my ass, so it looks like we are both already having complications this morning." 


   "Would you just shut up? Your voice is annoying me." He snaps at me as he slams a cabinet door shut rather loudly, leaving his palm pressed on the wood. 


   "And your presence is making me want to puke." I respond back.


   "Fucking hell. You're annoying as shit, Elizabeth." He says to me, venom laced with his words but surprisingly, even though they were intended to hurt me, they didn't affect me one bit. 


   "So I've been told." I reply with a shoulder shrug and a smirk. 


   "Then maybe you should have learned by now when it is the appropriate time to shut your damn mouth." He hisses.


   "If I learn to shut my mouth, then who's going to be the one to tell you off everyday, since you deserve it, because of your shitty attitude? Oh that's right, no one because everyone on this planet seems to worship you. God only knows why..." I then feel him spin me around and cornering me against the counter with both of his hands on either side of my body.


   "You know, every time you open that mouth of yours, I am this close to slapping you to shut you up." He hisses as he shows with his thumb and pointer finger how close he is to slapping me, and the space between his two fingers couldn't be more than a couple millimeters.


   "Then you would be sent to a place where pop-stars aren't worshiped," I whisper since his face was very close to mine, "They would treat you like any other human being on this planet. It would be good for you so then maybe you would be able to recall your manners." 


   "I have powerful lawyers who would be able to get me out of it before I would have to step foot into that building." He seethes, as he smirks down at me. "Besides, everybody loves me so they would rule in my favor." 


   "Not if the case was filed as female abuse. Then your ass will be behind bars just like Chris Brown's was when he abused Rihanna." I say as I point my finger into his chest and push him backwards but he only moves a little. 


   He laughs, "One slap to the face would never be as bad as what Rihanna went through." 


   "It all starts with one slap, then it'll become a habit." I say, "Now, would you be so fucking kind and back the fuck away from me so I can make some tea?" I harshly say to him and surprisingly he steps back away from me. "Thank you." I huff as I walk back to one of the cabinets and open it, finding a black kettle sitting on the shelf. "Finally." I mutter to myself as I stand on my tip toes to try and grab it but another hand grabs it before I could. 


  "Here." Harry says to me as I turn around. 


  I take the kettle out of his hands, "Thanks." I flatly say and walk over to the sink to fill it with water. 


   I hear Harry sigh behind me as I am walking over to the stove, "When is that damn little shit going to wake up? I need to be dropped off at my car." He mutters and I hear him begin to walk out of the kitchen.


   "Don't!" I yell as I spin around to face him, "Do not disturb him, let him sleep. He was out late last night trying to find you so let him get his rest." 


   "But I need to-" He starts but I cut him short.


   "I'll drop you off at your car. I'm already up and I'm about to leave anyways." I say to him.


   "Are you sure you want to leave without fucking your boyfriend first? It might put you in a better mood." He huffs as he rolls his eyes at me.


   "Fine, walk to your damn car and get mobbed. I was only trying to be polite and offer you a ride." I spit as I turn back around and take the whistling kettle off the stove. I walk over and get a mug down, then I walk over to the little pantry he has and find the teabags and walk back to my mug. I place the tea bag into the mug then I carefully grab the kettle and slowly pour the hot water. 


   "Mm, good mornin." I hear Niall say and turn around to see him sleepily walk into the kitchen. I lightly smile at him.


   "Good morning, would you like some tea?" I ask him as he walks over to me. 


   "Mmmm, tea sound lovely." He softly says as he wraps an arm around my waist and gently kissing my temple.


   Harry gags behind the two of us, but I choose to ignore him this time. "Hey, how come I didn't get an offer for tea?" He asks.


   "Because you said you had a headache, and I didn't think hot tea would help it," I say as I go and grab another mug plus a tea bag. "What you need is a cold glass of water to help you with your headache and to help cool that hot head of yours." Niall snorts and Harry glares at him before looking back at me. 


   "Fine, I'll just get someone from the label to get me some tea when I get there." He mutters. I hand Niall his mug and reach for mine after, bringing it to my lips and blowing on it to cool it down before I took a sip. 


   "You have two hands, you can make it yourself. Don't pull someone away from their work just to make you one cup of tea." I say. 


   "But that's why they are there, to make me feel as comfortable as possible and a cup of hot tea will make me feel at ease." He sharply says. I shake my head at this, and choose to once again not to reply. "Anyways are either one of you ready to go? I really want to go home and shower, I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me." He says with a grimace. 


   I sigh, "Meet me by the door, I'll be out in a minute." 


   "I can take him, you go home and get ready." Niall says to me once Harry leaves the room.


   "I've got it, it's on my way back to my house anyways. You would have to drive there and drive back so it's more of a hassle for you. But can you tell me where his car is at? He probably won't really remember where it's at." I say.


   "It's just right down the main road on the left hand side, you'll see it."


   "Thank you, I'll see you at work in a little while." I say and reach up to give him a hug, pecking his cheek afterwards. He smiles at me before he leans in and softly kisses me, pulling back a few seconds later and grabbing my hand instead. The both of us walk out of the kitchen and into the living room where Harry is waiting by the door. 


   "About time." He scoffs as he opens the door and steps out, "Let's go, Elizabeth." 


   "Drive safe." Niall says to me and squeezes my hand before letting go, following me to the door and opening it for me. I walk outside and Niall shuts the door behind me as I follow Harry down to my car in silence. He gets in on his side and slams the door shut causing me to jump and send a glare his way as I open the drivers side door and get in, gently closing it. 


   "Niall told me your car is on the main road, do you remember driving there last night?" I ask as I pull out of the lot and onto the road. 


   "Not really, it's all a haze to me." He says as he leans back against his seat.


   "Well lets just hope that Niall is right then." I mutter to myself as I signal to turn out onto the main road, "Keep watch for your car or one that looks highly similar to one you own." I say, quickly glancing over at him to see that he is nodding his head. 


   He actually kept his mouth shut the entire ride to his car, speaking only once and that was when he spotted his car. He pointed to his car that was half parked on the sidewalk and the other half on the road and I am surprised he didn't crash it into the lamp pole that is a few feet in front of it. I pull over to the side of the road and unlock the car for him to get out - which he immediately does. 


   "Hey," I say and he looks back down in the car at me, "I'll see you at work in a while with a hot cup of tea for you and some pain killers." I say as I softly smile at him. He presses his lips into a thin line as he nods and drums his fingers on the car door. 


   "Alright, thanks I guess. I'll see you in a couple hours." He says before he shuts the car door and walks towards his car, getting in. I sigh as I lean back against my seat, running my fingers over my face and through my hair. 'Kill him with kindness until you get under his skin, then you'll have the upper hand,' Jewels had told me while we were at lunch the other day. She was right. He wants to get a reaction out of me, he wants me to speak back to him in the same manner if not worse, but sticking to kindness would be the way to go. 


   I shake my head as I turn my steering wheel and hit the acceleration, speeding away from my problems.



[SHORT UPDATE! I APOLOGIZE! Tell me what you think maybe? You guys help me push myself to write!]

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