Her Last Request (Luke Hemmings FanFic)

Leah Jamison's little sister, Rosaline, has acute myelogenous leukemia. Leah's Parents never leave their daughters side. When Make-A-Wish Foundation comes to hear Rosaline's wish, It shocks everyone. Most 14 year olds wish to meet someone famous, but not Rosaline. She wishes that her sister would fulfil her dreams of becoming famous alongside her best friend Luke. When Leah hears this she makes a promise to her sister to perform in front of thousands along with Luke. Rosaline tells her she will hang on until she makes that promise. Leah is left with a big problem; Luke is on tour with his band and knows nothing that's going on back home.


6. Stage

Leah's POV-

"Ash should my hands be this sweaty?" I ask him wiping my hands on my pants again. 

"Quit that, you’re going to reek of sweat." Kylie says places bobby pins in my hair. 

"I have to change anyway!' I yell playfully at her. 

"Done! Now go get dressed." I hop up out the chair.

I go get my clothes that is a female version of Luke. A white smiley tee-shirt, I have leather skinnies unlike him and yellow heels. My wristbands are also different than his.  I walk into Luke's dressing room and change. I admit I look good in leather. 

I am performing tonight. I left Rosa back in Sydney to come to the U.S. again after 8 years. I walk out of the dressing room. I go back to hair and makeup and sit down. Everyone stares at me with mouths wide open.

"What?" I ask looking at myself up and down.

"Nothing, you look great girl!" Kylie says turning back ground to work on Luke's hair.

After everyone is ready, Luke walks on stage with the lights dimmed. When the lights go out I walk onto stage. Luke starts playing the guitar and singing. I walk onto stage as the lights come back on. We sing till the very end and end up very close. Once the songs end, we walk off stage. I smile as I hear claps and cheers. 

Kylie runs and hugs me. Our hug turns into a dog pile. A crew member tells the boys they have to go back on. They run off and do a great concert. When they come back I hug them, even if they are sweaty. Tonight was awesome, I finally lived my dream.  I just have to let Rosa see me perform, so she can die happy. 

Luke's POV-

We are back on the tour bus for the night. Leah changed and went to sleep. Mikey tried to wake her up, but she won't even move.

"So I am going to sing to her at the next concert. What song should I sing?" I ask them sitting down.

"One of our song's?" Cal asks.

"Yeah?" I answer him.

"What about I've Got This Friend?" He asks.

"You sir, are a genius!" I yell and laugh.

"Guys I'm tired let’s go to bed." Mikey says. We all agree and head to bed. 

Leah's POV-

I wake up on the floor of the bus. I groan and get up.

"Will you shut up?" Michael says looking down at me." What did you do?" He is now laughing

"I don't have any idea. I woke up this way!"

"Okay then." He says getting up. “We got to rehearse today, but you can stay here." 

"You’re the first one up, since when?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

"Since this troll woke me up." He then starts waking up the boys. I get back in my bunk,

"Okay, wake me up before the show!" I yell turning over and going back to sleep. I feel someone shaking me after it feels like I just dozed off.

"Wake up Leah. You slept all day!" Cal says. I groan and turn over.

"These beds aren't comfy." I say stretching. I get up and go get a shower. I get out and get dressed in a coral hi-low dress with a denim jacket. I slip on some sandals and pull my hair in a ponytail then curl it. Once I'm done Cal leads me to the arena. 

Kylie checks me over and touches up my makeup. We walk over the edge of the stage and watch them finish singing. Luke grabs his microphone and the other boys leave, but Calum. Luke goes to the center of the stage and starts talking.

“Hey everyone, I have something I want to say before I sing this song. This song is for someone very special. She may not know who she is, but Mikey is gonna help her understand. I hope you all like this song." He finishes signaling Calum to get ready.

I start wondering who he is talking about before I feel arms pushing me on stage. I turn around and see a smirking Michael leading me to a stool. I glare at him and see the crowd laughing and cheer. Luke what on earth are you about to do? 

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