Her Last Request (Luke Hemmings FanFic)

Leah Jamison's little sister, Rosaline, has acute myelogenous leukemia. Leah's Parents never leave their daughters side. When Make-A-Wish Foundation comes to hear Rosaline's wish, It shocks everyone. Most 14 year olds wish to meet someone famous, but not Rosaline. She wishes that her sister would fulfil her dreams of becoming famous alongside her best friend Luke. When Leah hears this she makes a promise to her sister to perform in front of thousands along with Luke. Rosaline tells her she will hang on until she makes that promise. Leah is left with a big problem; Luke is on tour with his band and knows nothing that's going on back home.


3. I'm Coming Home

Luke's POV-

We finally had a day off from a concert. We all sit here just doing random stuff, like always. Ashton does some face that reminds me of Leah. Leah, she hasn't called since after the tour started. She is mad at me? I decide to call her to see if she’s okay with me being on this tour. I let it ring one...two...three times.

"Hello, Luke?" She asks with a hint of surprise.

"Hey, what's up?" I ask her.

"Want to know the truth?" She asks me in a hollow voice. The boys are now looking at me with confused faces, probably because my face is confused.

"Yeah, I wanna know everything. Like why you haven't called in 3 months." I say trying to be calm. Truth is that I missed seeing her everyday. Not talking to her was even worse.

"A lot, has happened since you left, I was protecting you, letting you have your fun. Rosa has Acute myelogenous leukemia. She's dying Luke!" She now breaks down over the phone.

I go cold and drop my phone. I hear it land with a thud. The boys all rush over to me. Michael slaps me and I grab my cheek. I grab the phone again and hear her calling my name.

"I'm coming home." I say and hang up the phone hearing her yelling my name.

"What’s wrong Luke?" Ashton asks looking at me with concern and sadness.

"Why are you going home?" Calum asks.

"It's Rosaline, she has leukemia. I'm going home to see her before..." I pause not wanting to say it out loud. They boys seem to understand and run off to go pack their own stuff. Ashton says he’s gonna pack my stuff, so I just sit their thinking about Rosa and Leah.

Rosa was always like a sister to me. She introduced me to her older sister when they had just moved to Australia. I loved hearing both of them talk because of their accents. Over the course of 8 years they seemed to gain an Australian accent. They always looked happy and glowed like the sun. 

I try to not picture Rosa lying there with a bald head and pale.  I squeeze my eyes shut not wanting to see that image or to have my tears fall out. The boys come back with everything packed. I get up and follow them. We walk out the hotel to be attacked by fans and cameras. I try to take a few photos and sign some things before leaving. No matter what is going on we are always nice to them. I'm sure you can tell I’ve been crying in the pictures I took tonight. We get to the airport and get on the plane. I get on my phone to find pictures from just a few minutes ago. One really catches my eye.

Lukes_vans6397: @Luke5SOS looks really sad in our picture :( What happened bae? pic.twitter.com/JwhZNAoyZw 

I decide to tweet about why I'm sad, so all the fans that got pictures don't think I'm sad I have to take a picture with them.

Luke5SOS: Mate's a friend of mine is deathly sick. That’s why I look sad in today’s pictures. 

Within seconds I get all kind of prayers form them. We have the best fans. I look at more photos and stuff. Before I know it we have landed. I grab my overhead bag and get off the plane. We go grab our bags and head to my house. I look at Leah's house to see Rosa's bedroom light is on. 

"I'm going to Leah's." I tell the guys walking out. 

I walk to her house and knock on the door expecting to see Leah open the door looking like she did when I left. This person standing at the door doesn't even look like Leah.

"Luke!" She brightens up and hugs me wrapping her arms and legs arms me. I laugh and put her down. "Come in." She says moving out the way, so I can walk in. 

"So how is she?" I ask her seeing a picture on the fireplace of Rosa and Leah.

"Make-A-Wish came in yesterday. Her wish is really hard to wish right now. She can barley talk and all she has now is bones." She says sitting beside me, leaning into me.

"What was her wish?" I ask afraid to here it. She kind of stiffens and sighs.

"She wished I would fulfil my dreams." She says looking up at me. I can't think of which dreams Rosa knew about.

"Which dreams?" I ask her.

"Do you really want to know?" She asks hoping I say no.

"Yeah" I tell her

"The dream of mine she wants to see come true is where I perform alongside you, in front of thousands maybe millions." She says closing her eyes like she’s picturing it.

That was her dream, to perform alongside with me? I know she was upset when I told her I was going on tour. Was she sad because she wanted to be going on tour with me? I can help her grant Rosa's wish, but it will take a couple of days.

"Would you perform if you had the chance?" I ask her wanting an honest answer.

"If Rosa wants me to, than I would" She says looking up at the ceiling. I smile.

The love she has for Rosa is unbelievable. She would do anything for that kid. I made a promise right then, that I would perform with her at one of our concerts. I just have to do it before it's too late.


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