Making It With The Griers

Chloes Mom Is Good Friends With Elisabeth Grier. So Chloe And Her Mother Move Next door tio the grier family.


5. The ride.

Chloes POV.

As me and Nash were riding  we passed the school me and him with soon be going too and then he wanted to stop at the park to take a breather as he called it. So we stopped riding and walked through the perfect green grass to the closest bench. We sat down. I couldnt help but notice he was staring at me this whole time. I turned towards him. I smiled at him as i looked him in the eyes. I could tell what he was thinking. He is nervous he wants to say something but cant like the words wont come out right.

"Nash.?" I say with a giggle

"Yes Chloe" He said smiling

"Why are you nervous to talk to me?" I say smiling. Nash is beginning to turn red.

Nashs POV.

I asked her if we could go to the park and talk. but me talking to girls is hard. well to pretty girls.

"Why are you nervous to talk to me" she said smiling. I started to blush.

"Um I-im N-Not." I say stuttering looking into her Hazel eyes.

"Come on dont be" She said moving closer to me.

"Okay. i really want to get to know you." I say smiling moving closer to her.

"Well Im sixteen um, Im single, An only child sorta, I came from illinois, Your hot, Um I like one direction 5sos little mix emblem 3 and fifth harmony what about you. " My smile was big she just said that. Im cute. Should i tell her what i think. 

"Okay you just called me hot?" I say blushing

"Yeah?" She said grabbing my hands.

"Um Um Your h-hot too" I say like a retard.

I lean in for a kiss. She kisses back. After about 20 seconds sshe lets go.

Chloes POV

I didnt mean to call him hot. But I couldnt help but say he was. He leaned in to kiss. Finally. I think i love him. After about 20 seconds we let go i smile and bite my lip. shit.

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