Making It With The Griers

Chloes Mom Is Good Friends With Elisabeth Grier. So Chloe And Her Mother Move Next door tio the grier family.


4. Meeting the neighbors

I wake up about nine. My iphone alarm goes off. The alarm tone is Bo$$ By Fifth Harmony. I walk to my bathroom. I wash My face. I go into my room and change into my black and white hightops with my high wasted shorts and my black croptop. I begin  to do my makeup the usual the wing on the tip of my eyelid. I put on my dark pink babylips and head down stairs. I look over at the kitchen counter and i see 5 people sitting at the counter looking at my mom and speaking. My mom looks at me and smiles. I wave my hand to tell her to come over to me. She walks over here as she tells the people to hold on. She gets to me and smiles.

"Mom."I say.

"Sweetie these are our neighbors." She said smiling at me

"whats my surprise." I say with a smirk.

"Youll see." she says.

"Hey! Everyone come meet my daughter!" My mom says to the five people that are now walking towards me.

I just stand and look at everyone. I look at the tall woman. She is smiling at me. Next I look at the little girl. She waves. Of course i wave back. Then I look at the tall guy. I look retarded cause im like 2 inches shorter than him. Then i look at the young boy he has long hair. Then i look at the last boy. Blu eyes and brown hair. Hes the cutest. He winks at me. I giggle at his actions. He smiles.I look back at the woman.

"Im Elizabeth Grier"  She says smiling. We shake hands

"Im Chloe Smith" I say

I feel a tug on my leg. 

"Im Skylynn" The little girl says. I get on my knee and shake her hand

"im chloe" I say to her smiling

I stand back up.

"Im Will" The tall guy says.

"Chloe" I say laughing

"Im Hayes" The boy with the long hair says.

"Hi Im Chloe" I say smiling.

The next person elbowed hayes. to let go of my hand. as he did.

"Hey Im Nash" The boy said starting to blush

"I-im C-chloe."I said with a horrible stutter. We hugged.

Me and Nash walked out of the house To the garage where i grabbed my baby blue pennyboard. Nash went over to his house and grabbed his skateboard. I felt a connection with Nash. Hes perfect.

Nashs POV

It might have seemed wrong for mew to nudge hayes to stop shaking her hand. But shes cute. Okay Okay Shes hot but i want to get to know her so im showing her around the neighborhood sort of. Not really im bringing her to the park. So i can ask her what shes into what she likes. stuff like that.When I hugged Chloe i felt something. Like sparkes. shes perfect.

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