Making It With The Griers

Chloes Mom Is Good Friends With Elisabeth Grier. So Chloe And Her Mother Move Next door tio the grier family.


3. Home Sweet Home.

 Its About 2 am and i'm almost to the house. Im now singing one direction because its late at night. Im listening to midnight memories one of my favourite songs on the album. Now down the street i  figure i will be there in about 5 minutes . i dont plan on unpacking until morning. but im wide awake ill get my stuff from the truck and move on in. I grab my mattress and bed frames. i open the front door and make my way upstairs to my room. I figure since im getting jmy bed up there i can get the rest of my stuff. I do I get my clothes and shoes and bring them upstairs. i set my boxes near the deck to the porch on my room. i make my bed on the wall near the door.  I go back outside to the truck and grab the rest of my boxes. my blankets and sheets are in here somewhere. i continue looking for about an hour. dang it isnt here. i thought to myself. I guess ill go to bed then.

I woke up around 12 in the afternoon. I lay on my phone for a little bit and start to unpack. First my clothes. Damn It i need to go by hangers. I grab my wallet out of my purse along with my car keys. I walk out to my car. I get in put on my seatbelt. plug my phone into the AUX cord and play some hoodie allen. I drive down the main street until i finally see a walmart. I pull into the parking lot i look around for parking spots. i pull into one and get out. I walk through the parking lot. i pull out my phone and get on twitter. i have 3 new dms. ill check them later. I put my phone away. I continue to walk towards the doors. I walk inside. i look from side to side to see which way im suppose to go. I go right. I walk down the first isle i see. I read every sign and then i see *Hangers* I walk that way as someone ran in front of me and pushed me down. Great.

"Oh sorry" Said this blonde young man.

"Your fine" I say looking at him.

"Here let me help you up" He said looking at me smiling

"Thanks" I say giggling

"Your welcome, By The Way im Jack" Jack said running away.

I go down the isle and grab a lot of packs of hangers and i head back home.

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