Making It With The Griers

Chloes Mom Is Good Friends With Elisabeth Grier. So Chloe And Her Mother Move Next door tio the grier family.


2. Almost there

We stopped at mcdonalds. i keep all my reciepts so i know how much money i spent. i got my usual a big mac with french fries. we are close to the new house. it seems bad that we have to move but its for the best of us. I grab my food from the counter and go to my car. I get in fasten my seatbelt and drive to the gas station across the street. 

*Phone Rings*

"Hello?" i say

"Sweetie im leaving mc donalds ill meet you at the new house okay


*Hangs up phone*

I open the gas pump on my jeep rangler. I walk over to pump the gas into my car. i do so. I turn my gps on while the gas flows into my car. i type in the address, 10 hours away. okay so in 4 hours i have to stop for gas again. fun.

i start to play Shower By Becky G

Im dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower i sing to myself.

Time to get on the freeway. ive been driving on the same road for and hour. 

*Sees Blinking Lights.

A cop!! Great i have to pull over now. i slow my car down to the side of the road. i roll down my window. 

"License and registration please maam."

"okay." i go to grab my registration.

I hand him the registration. i grab my license out of my one direction wallet. great i probably am gonna get a ticket. Th cop walked away. he came back and handed me my license and registration.

i got to the new house later that night.

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