Close As Strangers |M.C|

"I haven't seen your face in ages, now I feel like we're close as strangers" - M.C.


4. Molly

I sat infront of Luke and Ashton in a booth that was placed at the back of KFC. Shockingly, fans were just waiting outside. They all sat on the pavement. "Did you know that they sometimes use four legged chicken here?" Ashton chirps out, after the awkward conversation of what his mum was saying on the phone to her new boyfriend. 

I raised my eyebrow. Luke just mouthed 'What the fuck?' over and over. "And how do you know? When you worked here you just sat and took orders," I stated. 

Ashton opened his mouth, but he was still thinking. I could tell because his eyes rolled to the checkout, to the fans, then back to me. "I still saw the orders, also, it was in the news. So ha!" He sat back, folding his arms over his chest and leaning back. 


Luke hummed. "That's gross dude," To be honest, I never thought it was gross. I mean, it's only a chicked with two extra legs. 

"Guys, are we going anywhere tonight?" Ashton asked. A idea popped into my mind. I grinned from my idea. "Wan't to play chap-door-runaway?" I hadn't played that since I was 11. Ashton and Luke laughed before high-fiving me. "Sure!" 

If you don't know what chap-door-runaway is, it's basically when you chap on peoples doors and runaway but hide to see their reactions. Or you could ring their doorbell if they have one. You basically try to piss people off and not get kidnapped. 

It's so fun. 





 We walked out of KFC, the fans started to cheer and walk up to us. Suprisingly, people were coming up to me too. It was so weird. I heard all of our names be called out. We walked over to some of the people, we took selfies and signed auto-graphs. "What;s your plans for tonight?" One red head asked after I took a selfie with her. 

I smirked. "We're going to be playing chap door runaway. Wanna join?" Her face lit up. She obviously wasn't expecting it. "Oh my, are you serious?" She said to make sure her mind wasn't getting ahead of us. 

"Yeah. If you know where my house is, come by at , like, five. You'll be able to have dinner with us," I didn't realise how much this meant to her. You'll find out later on. 

"Oh-kay, I'm Molly by the way," Molly said, holding out her hand. I hugged her instead. 

"Okay, see you later Molly?" I asked.

She nodded. 

Luke, Ashton and I waved our goodbye's to the girls and walked in the direction of my house. 


"Molly, the girl I was talking to, she's going to be joining us," I said getting out a smoke. Ashton widened his eyes. 

"That's nice- but when did this happen?" He pointed to the smoke and lighter. 

"Oh. This happened 2 months, a week and 7 hours after Michael left," I informed him ever so casually. Luke shook his head. 

I shrugged and lit up the smoke, bringing it to my lips. Ashton took it in his hands and threw it to the ground. I looked at him in annoyance. "Fuck you, Irwin," I snared. He giggled and walked into my front yard. Walking straight into my house. 

That boy has cheek.


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