Ava and salih

This book is about Ava and Salih a good couple until Ava wants to move out and live with Salih but her parents don't like tht idea wht will she have to do to live with him


1. the first time

Beep beep beep goes my alarm clock at 6:30 I get up and go to take a shower and wash my hair and brush my teeth when I get out I put on my hollister pants and a tang top with a crop top over it so my belly don't show and I put on a pair of Jordan's and curl my dark brown hair I run down stairs and grab my book bag I grab the keys to my Honda and Start to drive I stop at the red light and text Alexis u ready I'm almost at ur house

Alexis yea I'm ready

Ava ok

I pick up Alexis hey girl hey so u going to the party Friday um sure we get too school and hop out the car we are 10 minutes early so we sit by the tree and wait for Salih to come Salih pulls up to the school in his Toyota

S hey

Ava: hey babe

Alexis: hey Salih um I'll be bck this phone call is important

I get up and give Salih a hug and kiss we have been together since 6th grade and i still always feel sparks when we kiss we go to our lockers me and Salih lockers are next to each other we get our books and walk to class with our hands together as the day goes by I go to Salih's house and we do our home work and put in a movie I fall asleep and wake up at the end Salih looks at me and says are u ok I say yes he kisses my head but I kiss his lips and we make out and he takes off my shirt and this leads to other things we finish a hour later and fall asleep I wake up and use the bathroom Salihs house is my second home he lives by his self but Im here every day I get some under wear and a bra and put on a t-shirt and a pair if salihs basketball shorts and fall asleep

Salihs POV :

I wake up and put on my boxers and get back in bed and watch Ava sleep I embrace her within my arms and fall asleep

The Alarm clock goes off but I see Ava is still tired so we sleep in and miss a day of school

Alexis : why y'all not here yet

S: we aren't going to school today 😜

A: I'm coming to ur house then

S:ok 😑

Salih goes down stairs and makes strawberry pancakes and bacon Ava's favorite


I wake up and see tht Salih isn't in the bed and I hear Alexis voice I grab my iPhone and go down stairs mmmmm I smell strawberry pancakes I go into the kitchen and see Alexis and Salih kissing what the fuck Salih looks at me in shock it's not wht it looks like Ava Alexis I thought u were my friend she looks at me with sad eyes I run upstairs Salih yells wait Ava I grab my clothes and get my all my stuff and get my keys I run out the door and start up the car Salih runs out the house yelling wait Ava I drive to my house my mom and dad died when I was 16 so I have my own house I run out my car and go In my house and lock the door and run to my room and start cryin my eyes out when the song one less problem by Ariana grande comes on I get up and wipe my tears and blast the song when I see Salih pull up to my house he has the key like I have to his house he comes in and runs up stairs an I start Singing along to the song for him to hear he yells I'm sorry and I scream I got one less problem with out cha one less one less problem he bust in the room I turn down the music and he starts to talk av I cut him off SALIH SHUT THE FUCK UP OK CAUSE U WERENT SORRY WHEN U WERE KISSING THAT BITCH OK SO DONT COME IN MY HOUSE WITH THAT SHIT and I break down and fall to the floor and start to cry he comes over to me and embraces me I push him off and leave the room he follows me I stop Salih are u some kind if lost puppy skit daddle skit fucking daddle Ava I'm sorry. Ok I was making u breakfast and she came on to me ok and I tried to push off but she had a knife an she said he would stab my stomach if I did anything I love u and I would never want to hurt u what we did last night ment so much to me and I would never regret that night he came closer to me and kissed me I push his chest lightly and said stay here don't move I run upstairs and but on my timberland boots with Jeans I put on a black shirt and tuck it in my pants and put on a hoddy I put my hair in a pony tail and brush my teeth I put my pocket knife in my pocket I go down stairs and say let's go little nigga we Leave the house and go to his And see Alexis still there I get out the car I walk in the house and spot Alexis I grab her by her hair I punch her nose and in her eye and I punch her in her stomach I drag her by her hair out the house and place her on the grass I pull out my knife u want some more bitch she moans no I didn't think so I kick her in her stomach and slash the side of her face with my knife

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