Imagines|| 1D & 5sos

One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer imagines||

Just some instructions how to get a imagine~
-must at least enter 4 thingings ������

Band member(s):
Example: bf=Niall BFF=Aston roommate= luke cousin=Zayn etc.

Conflict: Optional
Example: you guys had a fight. Or Louis and Liam are fighting over you. Etc

How you met: optional
Example: you met in a coffee shop. Met in his concert. Etc

Or you guys all ready met just skip this one������ (or just say already met)

How you want it to end?:
Example: are you guys married and have kids.

What will your kid(s) name: optional
If you want a kid in your imagine. If not just skip this step


1. stantay's

For Stantay

You and Niall been going out for a few months and for your 8 month anniversary, Niall wanted to take you to Paris. So you guys packed and took a private jet. You and Niall arrived to Paris and go to your hotel. You guys went site seeing and shopping. You guys took a nap when you woke up Niall wasn't there. On the nightstand there was a note. He wrote.

Meet me at the Eiffel Tower at 8:30, wear something fancy I got a surprise.


You wore and went to the Eiffel Tower to meet Niall. At the top of the tower, there was Niall with a bouquet of roses. There was a note attached.

I know we been together for a few months now but it's feels like forever. Will you marry me?

Niall gets down on one knee with a diamond ring and of coarse you said yes

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