Call me Ashley - Ashton Irwin fan fiction

When Ashton grew up, the kids at school were teasing him a lot. They called him names, and well.. in the end, he started believing them.


2. "The girl thing."

It had been one year since I moved out of my mum’s house, or she kicked me out. I still didn’t quite understand why she kicked her only child (Or the only one actually living in her house) out, but she did.

Luckily my friend Michael let my stay at his house. His mum and dad died in a car accident, when he was 16, and he started living on his own.

Michael was the only person who actually accepted me, for who I was.  Ever since I started dressing as a girl, everyone had a hard time accepting it. My two friends Calum and Luke slowly drifted away, but when I started working at Target, I noticed that so did they.

While I was at work, I wasn’t allowed to wear a dress or a skirt, but it was okay, since I had to help Michael pay the rent. The only thing that wasn’t okay was the way Calum and Luke avoided me. They wouldn’t even talk to me, and I didn’t understand why.


It was the 6th of July, one day before my 20th birthday, and the day where I had to close Target. I didn’t have to do it alone, and usually it’s Michael and me who do it together, but Michael didn’t feel too well and had to go home early. 20 minutes before the shop closed, I still had no idea who I had to close it with.

“Hello is anyone here?” I shouted, in hope that I would get a response, and get to know who I was closing the store with. Nobody said anything. I thought that there maybe had been a mix up, and that I was going to close it alone. I’m not going to close the shop in these uncomfortable clothes, I thought. After all no one were there.

So I went to change into a skirt, and a nice floral blouse, keeping on my Target name sign which said: Ashley.

I closed the door to the staff room, and when I turned around, I was quite surprised to see Calum and Luke only inches away.

“Why do you keep dressing as girl?” Calum asked. Luke hit him on the arm. “Oh my God, Calum! You can’t just ask people why they dress like a girl.” I rolled my eyes, and tried to pass them. “Look Ashton…” “Ashley.” I corrected Calum. “Well Ashley…” Luke continued. “It might seem like we have avoided you, well we kind of have, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t like you anymore. This whole girl thing is just a bit strange for us… you know, we’re not really used to stuff like this.”

I looked at them confused. Where were they heading with this?

“Look we really want to be friends again, but you have to drop the whole girl thing. It’s seriously freaking me out.” Luke hit him again. I sighed. “Look I’m not going to “drop the girl thing”, if I need to change to be your friend, you’re not really real friends, are ya?” And with that I took my keys, and walked to the door. “Are you guys leaving, or do you want to stay overnight?” Luke’s eyes widened, and he slowly ran to the door. Calum on the other hand stayed. “I’m not leaving ‘till you stop dressing as a girl.” I nodded. “Fine then, have a nice night.” With that, I closed and locked the door. Luke looked like he was about to say something, but I just walked past him, and in the direction of Michael and I’s house. 

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