Sweet Nothing

"I HATE you Harry Styles!" "But, not as much as you love me." Harry was the school bully. He touched every one e.x. NIkki. Nikkei has a hard life with her mom's death, her abuseive, alcoholic father, and the one and only Harry Styles. Nikki like life is to much to handle. Will Nikki be able to handle this fine out in Sweet Nothing


4. Hope and pray


"I said get up."

"Why am I here."

"Your dad brought you here last night."


"He probably left you here to abandon you just like your mom."

What the hell. Did he just talk about my mother. He doesn't know anything about her. How dare he .

"Shut the fuck up Harry you don't know anything about me and my family. You can go screw yourself. You don't know what you put me through she died because I depressed and tired of your crap. We started to argue. She looks away for one second another car hits us. Now every day I live with the fact that I'm the reason my mom died. I have an alcoholic father who beats the fuck out of me when ever he drinks and then I have to deal with you. I HATE YOU."

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