The Loves of My Life (1D)

This is the story of Casey Meeton. It takes its starting point on a very special day in her life, but unlike most stories we are meeting her at the end instead of the beginning.
She has had her fair share of first times and last goodbyes, of first impressions and last looks.
Now, in her life defining moment she finds herself questioning the choices she has made and the lovers she has left behind. So, join her on a journey to discover what she truly wants or more to the point; who she wants.


1. Prologue

~The course of true love never ran smooth~

When I was 15 Harry Styles was the one.

When I was 18 Zayn Malik was the one.

When I was 22 Niall Horan was the one.

When I was 26 Louis Tomlinson was the one.

When I was 29 Liam Payne was the one.

I believe that we all have several ones and that going through life we change and thereby who and what we want changes with us. So, I warn you this is not a story of how I met one boy and fell in love, no this is the stories of all five loves of my life - in the end loving them all led me to my true one and only...

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