just like him

the first time I met zayn, I fell in love . we started a relationship, our love grew even bigger than before.It got strong enough to that we got married . we promised we wouldn't hurt each other, if its feelings or physical. But that promise broke.
But once he leave I am left with the child that is 'just like him'; the way she act , the way she moves, everything
you're just like him zaya malik Edwards , and I wish you weren't.


1. wedding

perrie p.o.v


perrie Edward, apart og little mix getting married to zayn malik, from one direction . nothing can get better than that, he's romantic, mysterious, and handsome.

I put on my wedding dress, it was so bueatiful .I couldn't believe this day came so fast, ever since I was little I'd play wedding but now its not just another game, it was real life. I looked at myself in the mirror, I already had my hair done.

"perfect", I said to myself, I heard a knock at the door, " come in".

"hi darling", it was my mother, she as dressed in a purple dress, her hair was out.

"mom!", I opened my arms wanting to hug her to death.

"aw baby,I missed you so much!" she said hugging me, my father opened the door

"hi sweet cakes" he said smiling," we should get going the 'thing' going to start"

" I'll see you later mom "

"okay, good luck" she left.

me and my dad started holding hand as we left the room , I saw the little flower boy and girl exit the house, then the groom, bride maid and the best man. the rest of little mix were singing ' here comes the bride'. finally it was my turn.me and my dad started walking down the walk way, all of zayn and my family were here. every one started staring at me, my family was smile ear to ear, zayn's family were really surprised.

"wow she is really pretty, wonder how he got her." I heard one of them say

I felt really bad , he was handsome and he is romantic, so I don't understand why its hard to believe he got me? its not like he kidnapped me and old me if I don't marry him he'll kill me. the preacher finally finshed his speech, which was in fact really long at and boring.

"now, zayn javadd malik will you take perrie as you're loving wife?"

                                                         "err...I will" he finally said

                      "perrie lousie Edward, will you take zayn  as your loving husband"

                                                                    "I will"

                                                        "you may kiss the bride"

zayn leaned in closer and wisphered in my ear:

" this is my favorite part", he then kissed me rough


3 hours later

it was night time , me and zayn got home from the after party we threw after the wedding. when we went home. me and him had some beer and I guess we got drunk because I couldn't remember what I was doing. but there was only one thing I do remember:

"love you"

"love you too"

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