just like him

the first time I met zayn, I fell in love . we started a relationship, our love grew even bigger than before.It got strong enough to that we got married . we promised we wouldn't hurt each other, if its feelings or physical. But that promise broke.
But once he leave I am left with the child that is 'just like him'; the way she act , the way she moves, everything
you're just like him zaya malik Edwards , and I wish you weren't.


3. birth

Its the last week and the baby is due in 3 day, Demi and niall finally had their baby last month. his name was Nathan lovato horan , he had blonde hair and brown eye color . he looked more like niall than demi.

   oh and also jade, Jesy, and Leigh Anne were okay with the baby. I promised them that I will still be in the band and that were not going to break the band up. I was still surprised that zayn was okay with the baby, I mean like many men across the world would want to kill them selves because they had a baby. a few months ago we found out that the baby was really healthy, i was glad. I told the doctor that I didn't want to know if the baby was a boy of a girl , but I did want to know. I just didn't want zayn to know, I bet he is hoping to have a boy, but what if it isn't?

   zayn was on his computer doing some online shopping, while I watched a chic flick.

"zayn, do you think we're like ready?" , he looked up at me and gave me a nod, " mmm". I went back to my chic flick. I started getting tired.

-2 hours later-

   I felt a kick in my stomach, I thought for a moment then I felt another. I woke up from my sleep, I felt another kick, it was not a dream.

"the baby is coming" I whispered , " zayn ,the baby is coming!",

    zayn came out of the kitchen running. he lifted me up and carried me to the car. I was breathing deep , the baby wasn't suppose to come in till five days .zayn went to the other side of the car and got in, he drove as fast as he could. We finally reached the hospital.

"my wife is having a baby!" he shouted, doctors came with a bed and zayn laid me down. they took me to a room.

- 1 hour later-

the baby finally got out, it was painful getting it out. the doctors took it for some test , I wnted to know if it was okay, but I was also scared at the same time. girl or boy? I thought. zayn came in the room and smiled,  I smiled back.

" well that's done" he said

"yep," I took a deep breath," do you think the baby is a girl or  boy?"

"doesn't matter to me", I was surprised, " oh the girls and the boy are coming to see you."

"oh good" I smiled

   the doctor came in with the baby in her hand, she smiled and walked towards us.

"great news, it's a healthy baby girl," she said giving her to me.

I smiled then I looked at zayn who was smiling ear to ear. The doctor left and then zayn sat down next to me.

"what should we name her", he said looking at me

"you give her the first name and I'll give her the middle name." I said

"Tia" he said

" so simple and short, okay Tia Zaya Malik Edward" I said with deep breath, I looked at zayn and he started blushing," aw you're blushing , so does that mean you like her name?"

"no it mean that I love it!" he almost yelled

"shh! the baby"

"sorry" he looked down at his feet

the door opened and it was demi , niall, and Nathan. demi smiled and came up to us with Nathan in her arms.

"she so adorable" she kissed zaya on her forehead . "what's her name?"

"Tia Zaya Malik Edwards" I said looking  at zayn

" cute name", said harry, he and Paige entered the room

" look she opened her eyes" said niall finally saying something , "whoa, her eyes are really beautiful"

I took my eyes off Niall and into the baby. her eyes were beautiful. they were deep blue, I looked at the others to see there reaction. they were all smiling, Louis and Laim came in with Danielle , Eleanor, and Arise. I looked at Harry who was whispering in Paige ear, she giggled and then whispered in her ears. Jade and Sam entered with their child Steffenny , and Jesy entered with her boyfriend soon to be husband, Jordan.

"Hello there, beautiful" said Jade smiling

"aww she is so adorable" said Jesy

"I want to squeeze her right now" said Eleanor

"me and Paige have to go, bye" harry said leaving the room, that was weird. harry usually leave like this unless he ants to do something ...fun. ;)


authors note

* what are paige and harry up to?

*will zayn and perrie life be happy together with zaya?

* sorry for it being boring but don't worry the story is going to have lots of drama later on.


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