The Little Mermaid

Have you see the film called is Aquamarine? Yeah! Now before I start...

A girl is friend of Aquamarine. But... Take a look... My name is Oceana. My parent call me that name. I swam away from home because my parent force me to marry someone that I don't know.

Now she have one year to live on surfaces... She wish she could found true love but who?

Meanwhile there are a handsome 'Prince', everyone called him, name is Luke Hemmings. He live in Australia but he was in the band, it called 5 Second of Summer. He met a beautiful mermaid that he never see before but he can't see her face because she was under the sea.

Have Luke fall in love with her? What happening if he found out that Oceana is a mermaid?

Let find out!


6. Chapter 5

The Little Mermaid


Oceana P.O.V

After I met two friends of Luke, I think it's Ashton and Calum, I followed Luke to his room, and then I walked away from him because he's wet from the rain. 

I would like to drink the water. 

I was about to ask Luke, but he asks me to offer the water. 

Without saying something, I just nod without say it aloud. 

Until I realised that I need to say it aloud...

I was about to turn around to see him but he fell with the glass of water spill on my legs, and I was panicked. 

I asked him the direction of the bathroom, and then I run into the bathroom after he knows of the leadership. 

I fell over after the door was locked and my leg transformed into an ugly tail... 

I wish I could be a human, but no, I'm a mermaid!

"Is there something that I can help?" That was Luke asks as I can hear the unlocked sound.

Oh, no!

What should I do? 

With that, he was about to open the bathroom, but I shut the door quickly with my tail fin before he peeks out of his head to look at what's going on...

And he didn't see it. 

That was so close!

"No! I mean I'm in girl stuff that you won't know about." I shout.

I know he's not a fool than what you think, but I have to...

I'm sorry, Luke!

"Oh! I hear the thud sound, so I thought you need my help." Luke shouts back.

Oh, no!

What should I say to Luke?

I don't want to tell him that I'm a mermaid...

"Oh, I just fell on the ground because..." I pause.

I don't know what to say.

I look down on my tail, and I put my hand on my tail with heat power.


It's going up quickly.

"Because of what? What's going on?" He asks as he probably saw the steam through under the door. 

"Because I-" I pause again.

I smile at it, and it's more steam than before.

"It's nothing!" My tail has transformed into my beautiful legs.

I stand up and walk toward the door.

I open the door, and I fell when I didn't notice that Luke was about to knock on the door and fell on the top at me.

Ow, my butt!

I groan in pain.

"I'm sorry!" Luke mutters.

"It's okay!" I shake my head when he moves his arm to look down on my face.

He looks into my light blue eyes, and I look into his eyes.

He was starting to lean down as his eyes make me feel like it melts me.

"Luke..." I call out to him.

He put his finger on my lip as it makes me feel melt again, and Luke was about to kiss on my mouth, but someone stops him and enters without knocking.

"Hey, Luke! Mind if we could borrow-" That was Calum pauses.

Calum looks shocked when I saw him, dropping his jaw and he fell something like black thing.

It's like Wireless, right? 

When I look back at Luke's shocked face, he looks taken back from my free space, and I'm blushing enough for Calum to see me. 

"Dude!" Calum calls out to Luke.

He looks speechless, and I still was blushed from laying down on the floor.

"How could you?" He shouts when he looks at Luke.

"Are you okay?" He asks with his gentle face as he helps me to get up.

I nod with a scarred face and then Calum turns around to see Luke.

"Now you scare her away!" He shouts.

Luke isn't doing anything except for lean.

I'm running to the outside of Luke apartment, but it's raining outside.

I sigh sadly.

Before I run, I hear from what Calum says to Luke:

"We need to talk about this later, Luke!"

I guess I'll be so happy to hear what he say...

He sounds like he's my big brother..!

Why is he overprotective?

Memories hit me back as I was shocked by darkness to take over me within my light for the human that...

I can't see his face properly.

All I heard is:

"Alice! No!" That sounds like a little boy.


Who is it?


I love the surfaces and underwater are where I belong in, but I didn't fit in.

Both my parents say to me, I was lost in the underwater when I was little, but they didn't talk much of it.

I don't remember very much before I was lost...

"Oceana..."That was Calum calls my name.

I turn around to saw his dark brown eyes and I show him a depression face as he looks shocked.

"Are you okay, Alic- Um... I mean Oceana?" Calum says and shutters confusedly when he calls me 'Alice'.

I was shocked when he calls me and stay silent, but he nods once.

"I'm sorry! You see..! I lost a best friend in the underwater when we were little, and you remind me of her. Her long curly brown-haired and light blue eyes that what she has. She was a sister that I had..." Calum explains.

"Alice... Alice... Alice!" A little boy raises his voice.

I was shocked to realise that I have my long curly brown-haired and can hear what this little boy calls me.

"Anyway, we were hoping you could live in my apartment and away from-" I cut him out.

"No, I don't want to be in your room and... Luke asks me first." I explain shortly.

I don't want to be in his room because if he calls me 'Alice', then a memory, that I don't know what it is, has come back in my mind and it's a pain my heart to hear his details about this 'Alice' girl.

I sigh sadly.

"It's fine! Whatever is it you want to be in is accept with me." He looks down on the floor a little by little.

I walk back to Luke's apartment after I nod, I stop at the door, and I turn around to see him.

I forget to say that to him...

"Thanks..." I thank him.

He says nothing, but I walked into Luke's apartment and closed the front door.

I know, whatever is it, this memory might be right, what you think of this memory might not be true, and I'm a mermaid...

I have never experienced this feeling before, and all I have a feeling is happy and sad, but I'm scared because they might be finding out that I'm a mermaid.

"What is it?" I was startled by Luke's voice.


I turn around to see him stand by the living room and he walks toward where I stand here, not too close but close enough. 

I'm here to looking for what my real love is like...

We stand here for a while and stare at each other after that I was the one who breaks this moment by silence moment come along.

"I want to ask you about earlier, but I stay here because you ask me, Luke... It might be my house and..." I pause to look down on the floor.

I can't say it. 

Luke was about to touch my cheek with his wet hand, but I grab his arm...

I was about to say something but...





About the late update.

But I tried to update this chapter for a long time.


For you!

Still decision for you..!

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