The Little Mermaid

Have you see the film called is Aquamarine? Yeah! Now before I start...

A girl is friend of Aquamarine. But... Take a look... My name is Oceana. My parent call me that name. I swam away from home because my parent force me to marry someone that I don't know.

Now she have one year to live on surfaces... She wish she could found true love but who?

Meanwhile there are a handsome 'Prince', everyone called him, name is Luke Hemmings. He live in Australia but he was in the band, it called 5 Second of Summer. He met a beautiful mermaid that he never see before but he can't see her face because she was under the sea.

Have Luke fall in love with her? What happening if he found out that Oceana is a mermaid?

Let find out!


5. Chapter 4

The Little Mermaid


Luke P.O.V

Right now, I was just standing here in front of the flirty Micheal and a beautiful Oceana as I was so bored.

Mikey was talking to Ocean for a long time.

Today is a full moon.


I sigh sadly.

"So... Would you like to go out with me?" That was Micheal asks.

Oh, boy!

He can't ask a girl like Ocean or any girls because he barely knew her and I barely knew her too.

But we have to befriend at first..!

I look at her confused face, and I was more confused.

She seems like she doesn't know what to say, doesn't she?


Guess I will take cover on her!

"Mikey, I don't know what if she doesn't trust you because you ask her way, WAY, soon!" I explain when I turn back to see Micheal and when I say 'soon', I turn back to see her.

"Oh... Right!" She pauses.

I want to ask her out as well, but I know it's too soon!

"I mean I don't trust you... So I would say no. Sorry!" She says nervously.

"It's okay! I get it a lot... Luke was right because of my asking-a-girl-who-I-don't-know-out thing, I'm a good guy-" He blabs. 

But good thing that I cut him out!

"Whoa! Cut it off! Mate! Why are you trying to impress on her?!" I say as I put my hands on his shoulders.

I sigh sadly.

"I want to get a right girlfriend, but you interrupted my moment. You always do it!" He explains in a whisper.

"I knew it too. Because you were about to embarrassing yourself and you were lucky because I stop you..." I whisper.

I can't tell him that I love Ocean because she looks so hot... 

He looks at me in shock while I wasn't looking at him and I was sad.

I sigh sadly.

We turn around to see Ocean's confused face, and I was so confused as well.

"We weren't talking about you, and we just talk about..." I pause as I turn around to see Micheal.

It's not my problem and business as well, but it's only Mikey's problem.

Plus I was helping it for him...

I sigh sadly, and then he chuckles nervously.

Please don't say anything stupid!

"A-about me! Yeah! We were talking about me, not you..! Unless we were talking about you!" He still blabs.

Oh, man!

I was in the freeze.

I sigh sadly. 

"Actually, we kind of need to go like right now!" I say as I grab her arm.

With that, we walk toward my apartment, and it's going to rain very soon.

Tonight is the full moon so that every mermaid will be there to the full moon.


I research for a mermaid.

"It's going to rain very soon..." I look up at the sky "But I think you'll be safe with me."

With that, I turn around to see Ocean's confused face.

"Rain?! With the water in it?!" She seems like panicked.

I nod confusedly and I kind of wonder if she's okay!

Because of this fact, I wonder why she does seem to like it...

No idea!

"No need to become panic! Just calm down!" I calm her down.

I stop to walk away, and she looks more panicked.

"Don't stop to walk! Just hurry!" She cried.

"Not until you got to telling me what's wrong with you..." I explain shortly.

She looks speechless.

"I-I-I can't tell you!" She still cried as she lost her word.

I sigh sadly.


"Well... I got you to my home... Welcome home!" I point to my home.

She starts to run to my apartment shield before it's raining and I start to move toward her.

"For you, all you need is, to be honest, to tell me the truth..." I wish I want to know like now! 

I am selfish, but I also need to know!

"I-I-I will... but right now, I need to go inside, and I will explain everything!" Oceana orders.

Like I told you before...

I'm not a fool, but I take it!

I nod at once, and I open the apartment door.

I sigh happily.

Then she runs to enters the door, and she looks scared.

"What's the matter?" I ask.

She was about to say something, but someone interrupts her talking.

"Mate, do you think Luke's on his way to this cafe?" That was Calum asks.

I sigh annoyingly.

Oh, great!

Now, what?!

"Calum!" I shout.

"Yeah, Luke?" Calum shouts back.

I sigh sadly.

I guess that's because he lives in this apartment and Ashton lives in this apartment too as they have to share their things at their apartment.

Oh, well..!

I knew it before they moved in here.

"What do you want?!" I ask angrily.

"Well... I just want to ask you if you're okay..." Calum pauses.

He saw Oceana, and he just looks at me with his confused face.

"Who's it?" He asks.

I sigh sadly.

I don't know what is happening!

But I guess she looks so beautiful!

"Oceana, meet my one of the best mate, Calum Hood and Calum, Oceana!" I introduce them to a friend.

"Hello." She greets quietly.

"Hi, there!" He greets friendly.

Just then, we enter my home, just me and Oceana, and slam the front door of my apartment in the front of Calum.

Before I slammed, I did introduce her to Ashton.

She looks around in the living room and walks toward my room, probably.

"Do you want a drink? Here!" I say kindly.

I carried the water glass toward her very carefully but I almost trip down, and the water takes a lot of spills on her leg. 

She looks so panicked! 

"Where's the bathroom?!" She asks quickly.

I point to the left door, and she runs in my direction.

I wonder what's wrong.

I follow her, and she shuts the door as she locks it.

I can hear the thud.

"Is there something that I can help?" I ask as I unlocked the door handle with my coin.

I hope it's okay for me to enter...

I was about to enter the door but...


Decide on #TeamLuke or #TeamMicheal...

It is on!

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