The Little Mermaid

Have you see the film called is Aquamarine? Yeah! Now before I start...

A girl is friend of Aquamarine. But... Take a look... My name is Oceana. My parent call me that name. I swam away from home because my parent force me to marry someone that I don't know.

Now she have one year to live on surfaces... She wish she could found true love but who?

Meanwhile there are a handsome 'Prince', everyone called him, name is Luke Hemmings. He live in Australia but he was in the band, it called 5 Second of Summer. He met a beautiful mermaid that he never see before but he can't see her face because she was under the sea.

Have Luke fall in love with her? What happening if he found out that Oceana is a mermaid?

Let find out!


3. Chapter 2

The Little Mermaid


Luke POV

When I arrive this island, Mako Island, I grab my backpack, and I walked away when I got out of the small boat.

I sigh sadly.

How did I find that mermaid?

I smile at it. 


A scream interrupts my thought.

I look around, and I whirled around at the same time.

I saw a hole when I jumped on the bigger rock, and I bend down.

Then I, a fool, fell on the ground.

Of course, I was a fool.

I grunt.

Because I hurt my knee a little.

I sigh sadly.

I guess I sit there for a little while.

Then an another scream makes me jumpy, and I sigh annoyingly.

"Hello!" I shout.

No one replies..!

Oh, well!

I stand up, and I walk down the stairs while I shout.

"You know what, I'm coming!" I continued to scream.

I was about to enter, but I can hear the thud and grunt.

What if it was a ghost?

"Hello? Is anyone in there?" I ask.

When I enter, I see a pool and lots rock on the ground.

Why can I hear that scream or thud or grunt?

I look around until I spot at the long curly brown and purple hair coming out of a big cover rock.

I smile at it.

Got you!

"Why are you stood there?" I ask.

A girl, I think, sighs sadly.

I cross my arm.

Why is she hiding from me?

"Well... Come out if you like to." I order.

I'm sure she'll be surprised to see me.

"I would like to, but I don't have clothes with me!" She says.

I cover my hand on my mouth because I tried to not laugh at her.

I guess I give her my long sleeve what I wear.

I take it off.

"Oh! Right! Here..." I throw it to her.

I have a spare t-shirt in my backpack, and I took it out of my backpack when I put it down.

"Come out when you finished!" I order.

I wear a spare t-shirt on, and I sigh annoyingly because she took it a long time.

When I saw her walk out of a big cover rock, she looks shocked to see me.

Is it because I'm famous, right?

I was shocked because of her eyes, and it looks so beautiful.

It's light blue eyes.

"Whoa!" I say.

She opens her mouth, and she looks unconformable.

"I'm sorry! I make you feel like unconformable." I apologise.

She looks down on the rock, but I don't want her to look down on the stone.

"Hey... It's okay if I look away from your... Thing." I look down and up at her skin.

"No! I'm unconformable if you look at me..." She looks back at me.

Stupid me!

Of course, she doesn't have clothes with her.

Maybe I will give her new clothes and-

What am I thinking?

Maybe I have to ask her.

"How did you get here?" I ask.

She looks shocked.

"I-I-I'm here for my swim. M-my boat broke down..." She stammers.

I'm not a fool, but I take it.

I know she was hiding something that she had, but she's somewhat hot.

"Okay... My name is Luke Hemmings." I introduce myself to a beautiful girl.

"Oh, It's nice to meet you, Luke. My name is Oceana, but everyone calls me Ocean." She introduces herself to me.


What is a wired name of that name?

"Nice name!" I smile kindly.

I know I lied to her but what's the point of telling her the truth.

It might be hurt her feeling. 

Yeah, I think she needs to go to the shopping because she only has one sleeve.

Then I offer my hand to take her hand, and she takes it slowly.

"I can't walk. Whoa!" She says embarrassing.

She was about to fell over, but I caught her.

My other hand wraps around her waist, and my hand is on her hand.

We look each other so closely.

I love her eyes.

Ocean looks away from my face to look down on the ground.

"Can we go?" Ocean asked.

"Yeah..." I smiled kindly.

With that, we walk together to my boat, and I start to carry her like braid styles because she told me that she's afraid of the water.

I put her down on the vessel, and I get on when I push the boat.

"Hold tight!" I order.

She just looks at the sun and then the sea.

She sighs sadly.

I look down on the machine, and I start to turn on this machine.

When it's turn on, I drive away from the boat chores.

When I arrived the boat chores, I get off of the boat first and then she gets off of the vessel secondly because I'm such a gentleman. 

"Welcome to Australia." I welcome her.

She looks at me quickly as she saw a ghost or something.

It's not!

"How did you know?" She asks quickly.

I chuckle.

"I know your accent. Are you from England?" I ask.

"Oh... Then yes." She replies.

I wonder where is she from?

If she says London, then I'm doom.

Because I dream of go there and explore to see what is it look like.

It will be fun if I go there.

I sighed dreamily. Anyway...

I can see that she wants to be here because she looks like shocked to look around.

"First time to be here?" I asked.

"Yes!" Ocean answered.



She seems like she doesn't know all about Australia, which was perfect for me to show her what is it like.

I knew it.

Because with a wired name and her walks, she says to me her boat broke down.

Has it?

Because I was flummoxed.

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