Behind The Mask

A collection of poetry about mental illnesses, bullying and abuse. Warning: this book contains some things about rape, self-harm, drug use, eating disorders and abuse.


13. Miscarriage

No one knew what was going on,
A innocence stolen by the morn,

Tears streamed down her eyes,
How could she fall for those damned lies,

A little time goes by and she hollow,
Every where goes, those memories follow,

Sitting in her room she soon discovers,
Shes a little late, going to be a mother,

Blood drained from her face,
How could she bring a child into this dark place,

Still she fell in love with the angel in her stomach,
From the pain she was giving something, I'll admit,

Maybe it will be okay,
She would tell herself this everyday,

Hid behind the baggy clothes,
Didn't want anyone to know,

Little months goes by,
She can make a smile, says she will give it a try,

The darkness seems to fade away,
Until that one ungrateful day,

Blood came out of no where,
And the pain turned into despair,

Then you could hear her scream,
They took away her only dream,

Curling up she is all alone,
Wondering why she couldn't bring her baby home,

The doctor comes in with a sour face,
Saying miss I am very sorry for what you misplaced,

You are not alone, we are here for you,
She only nodded thinking of what she just went through,

There is a little more that you must know,
You may never have a child to show,

Her heart broke into pieces,
A little angel, more than just a fetus,

Still time will keep on moving forward,
And her heart forever tortured.

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