Behind The Mask

A collection of poetry about mental illnesses, bullying and abuse. Warning: this book contains some things about rape, self-harm, drug use, eating disorders and abuse.


9. Lost In Love

Smiling days fade away,
She closes the door, picks up a blade,

Standing in front of a mirror,
All she sees is a memory of horror,

Trembling anxiety bubbling to the surface,
No one knew the demons she has to face,

Yesterday he saw her, looked past her eyes,
A heartbeat missing as she told those lies,

How many times can you say, that you are okay,
All he wants is for her to stay,

Walking by her house, a scream bounces of the wall,
He doesn't think, just runs into her hall,

On the ground lays a shadow,
She smiles at the girl pale as snow,

A few days pass and she lays so still,
That boy falls down and lets the pain spill,

Looking to the sky, 
He shouts out asking why,

How much more will you take,
How many more hearts will you break,

A little bit of love was needed,
But a little too late, and she was defeated.

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