The sight of you - Konkurrence

Dette er et engelsk digt til konkurencen 'What if?' jeg har ikke hørt om den før, men jeg har lyst til at skrive et digt om kærlighed ved første blik. Så here goes!


1. The sight of you (What if?)


What if I saw you on the street?
Your silky curls dancing around your face.
As if just to tell me
this is beauty.

What if I heard your joyful laughter?
Like the amazing sound of my favorite music.
You singing a song
where i belong.

What if i saw your tears?
The shining pearly drops that travel down your face.
A sign that someone caused you pain
and rage flooding through my veins.

What if i held you hand?
With the warmth and kindness of a lifetime.
A love not from long ago
yet I'll never let you go.

What if I saw my life inside your eyes?
Making me realize that my life would end without you.
You'd be squashing my heart like clay
if you look away.

What if I in a single glance felt love?
Your face, your movements, your light, all making this right.
I'm the only one to blame
for the burning flame.

What if i wrote a poem?
Telling you that everything i feel was discovered by a single look.
I think you would feel alight
believing in love at first sight.

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