In hopes of outliving the undead

If I receive decent feedback then there is plenty more to come


1. Into the night

As I lay in shock and awe, the late autumn sun begins to sink beyond the horizon like a broken ship on a sea of red and orange. I gazed up through a canopy of bare branches, littered with the occasional evergreen standing out like the black sheep of the forest, my eyes were fixed upon a sun stained cloud. Its hints of pink and gold kept me mesmerized as I lay on my bed of fallen leaves. It was not my intention to end up on this blanket of red and brown. Tino had tackled me to the ground before I had time to react. No words needed to be spoken and no apologies were required, for when I traced the invisible the invisible line created by his extended arm and pointed index finger I saw the cause of his fright.

There must have been thirty of them stumbling around in the clearing. Their lifeless movements and soulless eyes made it clear as day, they were infected. Two weeks into the outbreak and already I had found their movements to be generic. No personal differences between them it was almost the same as watching thirty wind-up toys stumble around a table. Except wind-up toys don’t usually smell like rotten flesh, and the last time I checked toys aren’t covered with blood and dirt.

Our final destination for the night sat just beyond the infested field. Sir William Johnson hall sat no more than fifty yards away. This was the first time either of us had seen it since the chaos began. For over a hundred years this building has stood almost unchanged and protected by the state. When order broke down, buildings like this were the first to crumble. Broken windows, smashed walls, and spray pained profanities scarred this once marvelous structure.

The cover of night could protect us from what lies outside of the walls, but if we actually made it to the building there was no way to tell for sure what would be waiting for us. At this time of day we would be walking into a crypt of darkness, fear, and mystery. Either way we could not stay out in the open now. These zombies bring new meaning to the phrase “In the dead of night.”

Tino tapped my shoulder and nodded towards the door as he rose to his feet. Once I got my footing we took off. Dodging the zombies outstretched arms; I don’t believe I took a single breath until we reached the door. “Get it open.” Tino whispered frantically.

“Keep me covered... they’re coming” I whispered back as I pulled a paperclip and screw driver from my pocket. I slid the paper clip into the lock and began to work the pins. Behind me, Tino let out a grunt as his machete made contact with the first zombie. Once I had the pins positioned I slid the screw driver into the slot and turned the lock. I heard a click and tried to open the door but it would not budge and I knew instantly that there must have been a second lock. “Tino give me a hand!” I yelled “We need to break it!”

He turned around and kicked the door. It cracked but it wasn’t until the second kick that the door swung open. We rushed into the blackness and threw the door shut. I slid to the floor and sat against the door to hold it shut. The darkness consumed my thoughts and I began to wonder what have we walked into, what will the light reveal, and most of all will we ever see the morning light again.

(I had to use stupid amounts of descriptice words for this one because of creative writing)

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