The Truth ft Zac Efron and Selena Gomez


1. The Truth

Selena's POV

People know me like Selena Gomez, the girl who broke Justin Bieber heart, the girl who now gets hate everyday by the beliebers, well

known like Justin fans. I honestly dont know why do they do this to me. They really dont know what really happen between me and

him. But, I guess Im the bad person between us.. Ive been trying to forget about him, to just let the past out and start over, but I cant.. I

just cant find the way to erase all those memories we had together. He text me every night saying how much he love me and how he

want this realtionship to be back again, and just forget about everything, but is too hard to believe him, is hard.

Ashley: "Selena! are you ready? we gotta go!", Ashley said yelling from downstairs.

Selena: " Im coming", I said zipping my long red dress, I dont know if Im even ready for this. I took my purse that was laying on my bed and walk down the stairs, just to see Ashley and Taylor staring at me.

Taylor: " Wow, Selena you look beautiful!"

Ashley: " It looks perfect", they both walked to me and just smiled.

Selena: " What?", I asked weirdly.

Ashley: " Im glad, you are moving on.. you deserve it"

Taylor: "Not only deserve it, but needs it!", Taylor adds.

Selena: " Need? you are making it sound like if Im a slut, Taylor..", I laughed.

Taylor: " I mean it in a good way, you really need to distract for a bit girl."

Ashley: " Talking about distracting.. Zac is gonna be there tonight, Selena.", she said giving me a wink.

Selena: " And?", I add.

Ashley: " You know what.. lets just go.. this girl needs a distraction 100%", Ashley replied taking me by the hand and walking out, just to see the limousine ready for us.

We got in the limousine and Taylor blast the song " Come and get it" to the max.

Taylor: "Come on Selena, is your song!", she said while they start singing the song together. I just smiled nervously and just kept looking at my phone.

_____ ONE HOUR LATER____

Taylor: " We are here!", she said while they both got out of the limousine excited.

Has I step out of the car, my heart started beating so fast. Its been a long time I haven't been to a party.

Demi: "But look at these beautiful girls!", Demi shout hugging each of us. "You guys look perfect".

Taylor, Ashley : "Thanks"

Selena: "You look cute too", I replied looking at her tight dark blue dress, it matched perfectly with her pink hair.

Demi: " Thank you", she grabs me by the arm. " Lets go, I have something to show you girls.", she says taking us inside the club.

Inside the club was amazing, the disco ball was rolling, the music was rolling, everything was just loud and fun.

Ashley: " Im gonna go for a second, be right back.", with that, she dissapear into the crowd.

Taylor: " Me too, Ill be back". She left.

Selena: " Im sorry that they left... they are weird..", I say looking back at Demi holding two champagne in her hand.

Demi: "Is okay, now take this", she hands me the champagne.

Selena: " Whats going on?" Weren't you going to show me something?"

Demi: " Oh yeah, he will be here any time soon."

Selena: " he?", I ask confused.

Demi: " Look, Taylor and Ashley told me about it.. and..", I stop her.

Selena: " No they didn't..."

Demi: "They did, he will be here any second by now.."

Selena: " I really dont wanna meet Zac right now though.."

Demi: " Who say it was Zac?, she said smiling. " He is here"

Demi: " Selena, meet Jonathan, he is gonna give you a little dance today."

Jonathan looked at me, and smiled.

Selena: " You brought me a stripper?!"

Demi: " Maybe?", she smiled. " Now Jonathan, make her happy.

Jonathan: No problem.

Selena: "Demi, Im gonna kill you!", I said has Jonathan took a chair and sat me down.

Demi: " I LOVE YOU!", she shouts has the music gets louder.

Jonathan took his shirt out and started grinding on me, has the song " Powertrip" by J Cole played. I just closed my eyes and laughed.

Demi: " Hold on, lets make this funner!", she goes to the bar next to her and gets a bottle of whip cream. " Here Jonathan, you know what to do.", she hands him the bottle.

Selena: " No.. No.. I dont wanna do this guys!", I say laughing.

Jonathan open the bottle up and placed some whip cream in his chest.

Ashley: " Lick it off!", she yells as I look at her laughing.

Taylor: " Come on people, Lick it off, lick it off!", Taylor kept repeating and matter seconds everyone joined.

Selena: "You guys are crazy!", I shout, and quickly licked off the whip cream. Everyone yelled and applaud.

Ashley: " Yeah! thats my girl!"

Demi: " Did you enjoy it babe?", she say, as Jonathan wears his shirt back on.

Selena: " It was fun", I looked at Jonathan. " Thank you".

Jonathan: "No problem Miss."

Demi: " Come Selena, I wanna talk to you", she grabs me by the hand and walked me outside the nightclub.

Selena: " Whats with the privacy?", I smiled.

Demi: " So you can hear me better", she smiled back. " Now, are you over Justin?"

Selena: " Of course, since long time..", I lied. "Why?"

Demi: " Ive been thinking.. would you like to go on a blind date?"

Selena: " A blind date? Are you serious... no.", I stated.

Demi: " Why not? You are single, and you are over Justin."

Selena: " Yeah.. but I dont wanna get in trouble no more.."

Demi: " Trouble? With who?", she asks.

Selena: " The beliebers.."

Demi: " Are you for real?, she widened her eyes. " You dont wanna do a blind date because the beliebers?!"

Selena: " Yeah"

Demi: " Look, when I broke up with Joe.. I got a lot of hate, like a lot, but they cannot control my feelings.. I got called, fat, slut,

heartbreaker.. so many stuff." She hesistated. " But it stop after it got old, of course . Now Im dating Niall.. and you might think people

are supporting us.. but they aren't... Yes, my fans always support me and I love them for that..But if you think about Niall's fans.. they

hate me. But do you think that will stop me by loving him? NO. I will keep my head up and go on with my feelings.. not theirs, and thats

what you should do too, Selena."

Selena: " At least you don't get death threats everyday like I do, Demi.", I replied.

Demi: "Every celebrity will get death threats, I just dont waste my time reading them."

Selena: " You are right... but how? how can I ignore them Demi?! Since I broke up with Justin thats all I get. Hate. Death threats. Hate. and death threats again.. It doesnt seem to stop."

Demi: " Because you need to IGNORE them, Im going to use this word but I dont care. DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HATERS. The

more you ignore them, the more they will be fading out, and when they fade out, BOOM! YOU WIN!. Look at Justin, just recently we

posted on Instagram him and his friend Za kissing a stripper tits.. do you think he cares about what other people think? NOPE. So you

should too,babe."

Selena: " Can you help me then? Like a favor?"

Demi: " Anything for my best friend...",she hugs me. " and you know who should we add in our clique?".

Selena: " Who?"

Demi: " Miley".

Selena: " No.. no.. no..! she is like out of my league.."

Demi: " We gotta ask her how she does it, right?"

Selena: "Ugh.. I guess?"

*** Bzzz, my phone vibrated. I took it out from my pocket and open up the message... It was Justin.

To: Selena

From: Justin

___How are you doing today? :)__


To: Justin

From: Selena

_____ Im good, im kinda busy so talk to u later...____








To: Selena

From: Justin

___ Okay...just dont forget okay, Ill be waiting :)__


To: Justin

From: Selena



Demi: " Who are you texting?", she says and I quickly close my phone.

Selena: " My mom.. she was asking how I was doing..", I lied.

Demi: " Mhm, okay... well.. do you wanna go back inside?"

Selena: " Sure, lets go."

While going back inside, stupid me tripped with someone.. and I think I spill his beer..

Selena: " Im really sorry..I..", I couldnt finish the words.. When he turned around I couldn't believe who was it. I was lost in his deep blue eyes.


Argghhh! I just finished watching the movie Another Cinderella Story by Selena Gomez, and it really inspire me to create this story. This first chapter might seem boring, but trust me it gets better! I promise.

Selena= Selena Gomez

Ashley= Ashley Benson

Demi= Demi Lovato

Taylor= Taylor Swift

And more to come... :D

And please Vote/share the story!❤️

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