The Affair

All Amy Pond wanted was a normal life. But with Niall Horan popping out of the blue in the streets of New York, she couldn't help herself but fall in love with him. But Niall is hiding a dark secret. A secret that Amy must never find out.


4. 3

The day seemed to past my extremely slow. I turned my head to the clocks every 5 minutes wishing that time would go faster, but it didn't. It stayed in its usual pace. It bothered me. I ebb eyes time. It could stop and go. Time is everlasting and I have no power over time time has power over me.

The clock finally struck five and calmly took my briefcase, some papers and my purse and stepped out of my cubicle. My face seemed entirely normal. But on the inside my stomach was tied in knots and I could barely breathe. Because for once time was on my side.

I took the B train home to my apartment in Manhattan. I usually thought when I was on the train. Thought about life, work and family. But today was different…today I thought Peter. Peter was my ex- boyfriend. We were together for three years until September 28, 2010.

Peter was driving home from work at 6:00 like he did everyday. But that day was different. Right when Peter was going to take a left turn a car hit him on his side of the car. The collision was so bad that two other cars were destroyed. Peter died on September 29, 2010.

I was heartbroken when the doctor stoked me that his heart has stopped and there was nothing they could do. I collapsed on the ground and cried my eyes out that day. That morning when I fixed his tie and stroked his brown hair, looked into his chestnut eyes and kissed his soft lips, I would have never let go.

The guy who collided with Peter's car was only sixteen years old. I never knew how he looked like but I remember hating that boy. Hating his choices and hating the people that actually allowed him to drive drunk. I didn't eat for months and I got so pale that I my lips blended in with my face. I felt like there was nothing else to live for nothing else that could possibly change the fact that my life is going to be a living hell.

A tear rolled down my face. I quickly wiped it off and decided to think of something else. But I couldn't. My mind kept repeating that night in the hospital, that day at his funeral. My mind was filled with so much sadness I started to cry like a child who just got their favorite toy taken away. I was given glances but I didn't care. Like I said before my life is going to be a living hell.

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