The Affair

All Amy Pond wanted was a normal life. But with Niall Horan popping out of the blue in the streets of New York, she couldn't help herself but fall in love with him. But Niall is hiding a dark secret. A secret that Amy must never find out.


3. 2

I walked into my rather big apartment I took off my boots and hung up my coat. I sighed and put my keys on the table. I let out a smile and thought "Those beautiful blue eyes."

I went to my bedroom and got my towel, some bath salts, and bubbles. Today was one of the days when I just really need a relaxing bath. When I took everything to the jacuzzi I took 3 dented candles and my phone into the bathroom.

I turned on the faucet and lit up some the candles. When the bath was full I took the bath salts and bubbles and poured them into the bath. I took of my clothes and then stepped inside and I let out a sigh of relief.

About 15 minutes into the bath, the music from my phone stopped and it started to ring. It was an unknown number. I didn't want to answer it but deep down inside I hoped that it was Niall Horan calling me.

(A= Amy N= Niall)

A: Hello?

N: Amy Pond!

I was relieved that it was Niall

A: Niall Horan!

N: how's life Amy Pond?

A: just Amy and great. I just got home from the office.

N: that's Great. Now I was thinking that you should come with me on a date tomorrow night at 8. What do you say?

A: Niall that sounds great I'll be there.

N: Great! I'll se you then.

A: good bye Niall Horan.

N: Good bye Amy Pond.

The line went dead. I smiled. I was going on a date with Niall Horan. A man I met in the streets of Nee York. This date should be fun.

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