Ruined Wings

" You can't love a ghost forever,Luke." His 'new' girlfriend said. I look back at him. He sign," i know"


1. Prologue

April was walking home after a long shift at Mc Donald. Her hair was in a messy bun and her eyes bore in to the empty side walk. But it’s not the long hour of working that got her thinking, it’s the conversation she have with her boyfriend. Luke Hemming. She called him at the wrong time.  Luke was still angry from lack of sleep he have last night due to band practice.

The conversation…

“Hi Luke..”

“What do you want?”

“Well someone sound angry”

“Look I haven’t got time for this alright?”

“What do you mean?”

“Jesus April, just leave me alone!”

April waited for him to call her sometime but that didn't happen. Even if he did, she doesn't know how to replies. I’ll be okay.. is that what she supposed to say?

Meanwhile …

Luke slept for the last 4 hours but when he woke up, he was still as tired as he was before going to sleep.  Though he was a little less annoyed now.  He slowly gets up and stretches his leg.  After that he went for a long hot shower, trying to ease the tiredness. Once he got dress, he grabs his phone and began to look through it. No missed called or message. He let out a relieve sigh, and then he remember.

“April” he mumble and called her immediately, as much as he denied it Luke can’t live without her. He waited patiently as the phone trying to connect the signal of April’s phone.  There were no replies. Luke was slightly confused. Was she trying hard to get this time? He chuckle at the thought. Luke began to tried again but the door of his temporary bedroom was swung open. Calum step in, already dress for the next gig.

“Come on Luke, we’re going to be late” he said and left. Luke put a leather jacket on and drops his phone in the pocket.

After the gig,

“Hey, you alright?” Ash asks Luke as they step out off the stage. Luke look at him confused.

“Yeah why?” he replied while taking his guitar off.

“You not as wild as you use to on stage” Ashton said casually.

“Just tired”

“Sure , sure” Ash was not convince but  there was nothing he could do. Luke grab his jacket and check his phone. One message from April. Luke click the message

Please call back once the message is received.

He smile. Why is she being so formal.Luke called April and immediate after a couple of ring the line was pick up.

"Hey Ap"

"Luke what is your relationship with  this girl?" a woman ask through the phone. Luke hesitate.

"I'm her boyfriend, Who are you?"

"What is her first and last name?"

"April Maxine, what's going on?" he asked suddenly panicking.

"She say your name during the whole ride you know" the lady said. Ride? What ride? he wonder.

"April have a stroke, she didn't make it. We are very sorry. "  At that moment  Luke stop everything he was doing. His band made was looking at him.

"April, is this a prank?" he laugh nervously.

"Sorry Luke but we have more serious stuff to deal with" The line was cut.  Luke hold the phone tighter.

"She's gone" he whisper. Luke throw his phone to the ground and ran.  But deeply he knew that he can run but he can never hide.

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