Ruined Wings

" You can't love a ghost forever,Luke." His 'new' girlfriend said. I look back at him. He sign," i know"


2. End up here (how they met)



April was  running in panic. She could not find where her last class for her first day was.  After 20 minute however, she have found her last class. Tiredly she knock on the blue coloured door. Knock, Knock. She walked in and the whole class was quiet. Mr. Van Der Len looked at the clock behind him.

"25 minutes late Ms.."

"Maxine" she replied and stood there awkwardly.

"What's your name?" a couple of the student shouted. She just smiled and shrug.


15 minute later

"OK ladies and gentlemen, you may leave"  Mr. Van Der Len dismiss the class. Luke head somehow spin. He felt as felt as though he was press against the wall by watching April's every move. Not in the creepy way but in a admiring way. 

'she's way too cool' he thought. Then he start to panic as she was walking toward him.

"I like your Cobain shirt. It's cool." she said smiling.

"Thanks" he smile in return. April stretch out her hand.

"I'm April"


"Luke!"  Luke spun around and April move to see who it is. Calum was running toward them.

"Come on we late for the practice and we got a drummer."  Then Calum saw April and smile.

"Hey"She half smile back.

"Your guys are in a band?" she ask. Luke nod.

"Do you um Do you want to come with us?" Luke ask. Calum gave him a look then shrug.

"We wouldn't mind" he back Luke up. April thought for a minute. Her mum won't come home until midnight.

"Sure" They walk toward a house.  Luke's house.  Once they get inside, April saw two boy sitting on the sofa.

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