The Goblet of Fire // Hunger Games Style

Just comment who you want in the hunger games. What you want them to do/who you want them to kill and i give you a small shoutout if I like your idea include it. Here is a list of the Harry Potter cast and the role their playing:
1 Sep 2013 Order of Appearance:

Hermione Granger - Katniss Everdeen
Luna Lovegood - Primrose Everdeen
Harry Potter - Peeta Mellark
Professor Albus Dumbledore - Caesar Flickerman & Cinna
Ronald Weasley - Gale Hawthorne
Severus Snape - Plutarch Heavensbee
President Snow as Himself
Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic - President Snow #2
Fleur Delacour - Previous Victor
Cedric Diggory - Previous Victor #2
Victor Krum - Previous Victor #3
Professor McGonagall - District 12 miner
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody - Haymitch


4. 3. More Arrivals!!!

Berry flew as fast as her wings could carry her (which was actually only about 3 miles per hour) but nevertheless, managed to find Fred and George about to put a wanglewoggle in Umbridge's bag. Berry tutted them and grabbed their arms forcing them to release the wanglewoggle into the air.

"Oi!"they yelled but it was too late as Berry grabbed their arms and flew them both to the forest.

"Thankyou, Berry. Where is Neville?"demanded Jk, about to ban Dumbledore from attempting to twerk.

"Can find him."she replied looking at Dumbledore in a strange way.

"Ah, he's at the Three Broomsticks."explained Dumbly, mid-twerk...or whatever he was doing..

Berry mumbled a thanks and flew off to The Three Broomsticks finding Neville there spilling butter beer down his top.

"Ah, Neville."she said.

"Oh crap..."he murmured. "Berry...the pixie. I haven't seen you in 6 books..."he said trying to dry his top.

"Enough chitchat. I'm taking you to Jk..."she said with an evil smile.

Before anything else she grabbed his ears and flew back to Jk. His legs flapped around and his face turned red as he knocked over several drinks and kicked people on the head as they flew out of Diagonal Alley.

"Watch it!"

"Oops...sorry! Berry, I hate you."he said teeth clenches together.

They managed to fly home all in one piece only dropping Neville once.

"Neville!"they all exclaimed.

"What?"he exclaimed with a puzzled look.

"We know something you don't know!"they chanted.

"Why is it always me?"he yelled to nobody in particular stumbling backwards in the mud.

"Now now, settle down young ones."Jk screamed.

"Jk! Please, stop with the yelling!"yelled the author.

"Why don't you!"she shrieked.

"SHUTUP!"bellowed the whole cast.

"Okay, okay."she apologised. "Hang on...I CAN SCREAM OR YELL AND DO WHAT I WANT! I AM THE BOSS OF YOU!!!"she screamed.

The cats moaned and covered their ears.

"Why am I even here?"asked Neville. Still confused. Nobody had told him a thing...

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