The Goblet of Fire // Hunger Games Style

Just comment who you want in the hunger games. What you want them to do/who you want them to kill and i give you a small shoutout if I like your idea include it. Here is a list of the Harry Potter cast and the role their playing:
1 Sep 2013 Order of Appearance:

Hermione Granger - Katniss Everdeen
Luna Lovegood - Primrose Everdeen
Harry Potter - Peeta Mellark
Professor Albus Dumbledore - Caesar Flickerman & Cinna
Ronald Weasley - Gale Hawthorne
Severus Snape - Plutarch Heavensbee
President Snow as Himself
Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic - President Snow #2
Fleur Delacour - Previous Victor
Cedric Diggory - Previous Victor #2
Victor Krum - Previous Victor #3
Professor McGonagall - District 12 miner
Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody - Haymitch


3. 2. Explain?

Ron, Harry and a few others leapt to their feet and squealed like pigs.

"Jk!"squeaked the fanboys.

"Hello my little prisoners *cough cough* I mean my lovelies."she blushed.

"Now, I've got a couple of requests so Hermy, you're going to have to-"

"Okay, a) never call my 'Hermy' ever again. And b) what the hell? Why are you here? Why are you ordering us around? What is even happening?"Hermione argued.

"How dare you question my authority, my presence!"yelled Jk pointing an accusing finger at Hermione.

"Now listen up and listen good. You idiots unwillingly signed up for this. Most of you unconscious. Basically sweetheart, you obey everything the commenters, the writer and I say. You are under our power! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!"Jk screamed.

"She's crazy."whispered Luna to Dumbledore.

He nodded and giggled. Yes giggled. Like a little 6 year old school girl.

"You filthy good-for-nothing wizards!"she declared clicking her fingers.

Luna and Dumbledore stood to their feet and had bras and thongs on.

"Now twerk! TWERK!"Jk laughed evilly.

Luna moved her hips whereas Dumbledore stood still, glaring at his clothes.

"Twerk, Dumbly. TWERK!"she screeched at him.

He wiggled a bit and his thong ripped in front of Krum's face making him go as red as his bra.


"Stop! STOP! Shield your eyes!"pleaded Jk snapping her fingers yet again an having the twerking two-some return to their original state.

"As you were saying..."Fleur said awkwardly.

"Excuse me, Delacour?"

"You have had a request?"she smiled clearly scared.

"Oh right. A request from Doctor Who 23 stating that...hmm...let's see. Ah! The writer...forgot...Neville and Fred & George! Seriously? You can't forget those guys!"she yelled.

She does a lot of yelling this one...

She ran and climbed up a tree getting stuck halfway and falling back down.

"Clever..."she said to herself.

Getting to her feet, she called for her blue pixie.

"Berry, fetch Fred & George for me please? Oh, and Neville. Remember him? The one whose ears you grabbed and pulled him up to the ceiling in the 2nd Harry Potter book? Yes him. Now go!"she ordered.

"Aha! We will have fun, then, with this 'Neville'."Berry giggled and flew away. Her small lacy wings fluttering in the moonlight.

A/N I need dare requests! Please? Somebody? Love you guys! Oh and a big shoutout for clever little Doctor Who 23 for pointing out that I stupidly forgot Fred, George and Neville in this. Thank you! Go fan her! Byeeeee xxx I NEED DARES!!!!! I have cookies...*waves cookies in the air* MWAhahahahaha xxxxxxx Thanks for reading...and check out the trailer for this...

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