Here He Comes

Harry Styles has stole just about every girls virginity at Olympia High except Brittney Shalltin, the lead cheer leader but this time, she just can't stay away.


2. Football Freak-out

I kissed Louis on the nose and jogged over to the changing room. My best friend, Josie, was already waiting for me. "Sorry I'm late, got caught up in hall traffic." I say taking my shirt off. "Oh really, sure you just didn't get caught up in Louis?" she says like a brat. Ever since I got into a relationship, she has been so mean.I finished getting my gear on and went out. The girls started practicing as well as he boys. After we had got our routine down, we watched the boys show off. 

When practice was over, Harry came over to me and literally took my breath away. "Excuse me love, Louis needed me to tell you something, he said it would be to hard for him to do it himself. Uh, he's breaking up with you." My jaw dropped and apparently he could already see the tears. He was about to give me a hug but I ran to the girls locker room and cried. I stayed in there and called my mom to see if she could pick me up now. She came and has a surprise for me, my father was in the front seat of the car holding the kitten I had been wanting. "Here you go sweetie, Tacos, the kitten you wanted. I hope you like 'em." said mom rubbing my back. I gave each of them a kiss on the head and told them about Louis and how he was to chicken to say it himself.

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