Love is a Wonderful Thing

Fresh out of high school going into college, Macy Jennings just can't seem to find, "him". The man of her dreams. Maybe just one drunk night at the bar can help her.


3. Welcome Home

We finally came home to there apartment that was more like the size of a house but it was still an apartment. He showed me around and finally, we reached his room. He told the boys goodnight and he closed the door locking it. His warm hands ran down my sides and pushed me onto the bed. I could taste the sweat and alcohol from the bar on his lips. I felt my shirt coming off and I felt his grip on my lips get harder and his tongue in my mouth. His hands snuck around my back and unhooked my bra. His hands grabbed my breasts and my pants go down as well as his. Finally, I feel it, after about thirty minutes of moaning, I feel his warm embrace as I fall asleep.

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