Love is a Wonderful Thing

Fresh out of high school going into college, Macy Jennings just can't seem to find, "him". The man of her dreams. Maybe just one drunk night at the bar can help her.


5. Storms 'n' Dorms

Before we went to our dorms, we stopped at a grocery store to grab some provisions. "I'll be back. I have to go to the women's section." I say rushing over there. He laughs a little which kind of embarrassed me but that's life. I grabbed one pack of pregnancy tests and paid for them immediately so he couldn't see. Then I found him again and we started looking around again. "Whats that you've got?" he asked and my cheeks turned red. "Umm, just some uhh, tampons!" I had to lie or he would think I'm a freak. "Oh, sorry for asking." "It's fine" I say. We checked out and went to the car. When we walked out, it seemed like Niagara Falls decided to move to London for the summer. We rushed to the car but my tests fell out of my bag. He rushed over to get them and by the look on his face, I knew know that he knew those were not tampons. He rushed to the car and handed the box to me and acted like nothing even happened. We finally got to the dorm and got situated. 

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