Love is a Wonderful Thing

Fresh out of high school going into college, Macy Jennings just can't seem to find, "him". The man of her dreams. Maybe just one drunk night at the bar can help her.


1. Packed Up

"Madison, you know it's gonna be alright. I'm just gonna be a hour away." My little sister's tears made it seem like she was drowning in a flood since we decided I was going to college. She just turned three and it hurt me to break her heart but after all, she is only three and she will get over it once she finds out that I got her another birthday gift. "Please, please, please don't go Macy! I'll die without you!" So sure, she has a way with words and she most likely got it from me but, she didn't get my super, crazy good looks if you know what I mean. Every bar I go to, I get a swarm of boys around me asking me if they can buy me a drink or take me home. "Bye mom, bye dad", I whisper into their ears so Madison doesn't hear. I hear a car beep outside and I grab my fifty ton of s*** and put in the mini van waiting for me. My best friend, Katie, is going to the same college but sadly, we don't have the same dorm so that sucks. I hop in the car and we zoom off waving to my heart broken family. We finally turn the corner and laugh our heads off knowing that we are finally going to college. 

It's finally dark and after we unpack and get our dorm, we head to a bar across the street. I find a menu full of martinis. I order a apple martini and head over to the dance floor with Madison. I see a large banner hung from the ceiling that says, "PLAYING TONIGHT ONLY...ONE DIRECTION!" I chug down the rest of my martini and head back over to the bar. " One Bud Light please." I say and what do ya know, a whole line of guys form in front of me. I walk away and head towards the stage. I look up and catch a dark, curly- haired boys eye. His dimples stared back at me and I giggled. 

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