Youtuber Love


1. Flashback


New Years Eve....

   Jenn's P.O.V.

''Oh my god Jack, this is literally the best night ever!!'', I tell him. 

''I know!! I'm so happy it's with you.'', Jack responds as we grind on each other along to the loud music.

"Wanna go sit down Jenn, they're about to do the countdown.", Jack asks me.

''Sure.", I lie as I wish we could still be dancing.

We each grab a red cup full of vodka before sitting down at an empty table. We sit in an awkward silence until suddenly Jack says something.

''Can I tell you something Jenn?'', He nervously asks me.

''Of course, anything!'', I quickly answer.

''I've kinda liked you for awhile, a-and I-I-....'', He starts to stutter as I cut him off.

''I have too and I was too afraid to tell you but, when we were grinding back there, I couldn't help it... I love you Jack...'', I confess.

''Really??'', He asks surprised. "Yup, do you feel the same?'', I stupidly respond. '' Yeah... a lot.'', He says.

All of a sudden.... 10, 9, 8.... The countdown i forgot all about it!! Here's my chance! 3, 2, 1,..... We smash our lips together instantly. He licks my bottom lip begging for entrance, I let him through. Our lips move in sync as sparks are let off all throughout my body. I travel all through his mouth as he does the same through mine. Our tounges touch and don't disconnect. I start to push onto him but then realize we're just in plastic chairs. So we both stand up and he slightly smashes me to the wall. He cups me cheeks as I wrap my arms around his neck. We continue for what seems like forever until we get stopped by rebecca and andrew. We stop and smile at each other as we walk back to the dance floor without being questioned by them. We dance the rest of the night away.


~End of Flashback~



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