Why Me?


4. Chapter Four

Grace's POV

It's been three weeks since I have been found on the bus bench. It's been two weeks since Liam has been my legal parent. And it's been one week since Louis and Eleanor have split up. Louis has been doing well with it though still being his cheeky self. Also two days ago was my birthday and I am finally 13! Of course the boys insisted on spoiling me. So now I have a new IPhone, a new laptop, and a new tablet. Not to mention the boys tour was finally over and when we got back to their flat that they share they gave me my own room with blue and teal walls. My room has a full walk in closet and a huge bathroom. It has a bathtub, a shower, and two sinks. Not to mention the boys and Simon bought me make-up and other girly items. Since I have gone three weeks without being beaten my bruises are all cleared up. It was now 10:30 so I decided on going to bed. I was about to fall completely asleep when my bedroom door opened and someone walked in and slipped into bed with me. I turned around to see who it was and came face to face with a grinning Niall. " Um....Niall why are you in here?" " Couldn't sleep and I figured since you've been having nightmares the past few nights I figured I'd sleep in here." he said. " Oh, ok well that's fine. Night Ni." " Night, Grace."


" Should we wake them?" I heard a voice say Louis maybe. " No just let the happy couple sleep besides it's only two in the morning." Liam said I think. They kept talking so I sat up. " GET. OUT." They all nodded and left. I laid back down and cuddled closer to Niall and fell back asleep.

Niall's POV

When she finally sat and told the boys to get out I was so glad to finally have them gone. She sighed and laid back down. She snuggled up closer to my chest and I put my arm around her. I felt like my insides were going to explode. I can't believe she's so much younger than me but I'm in love with her. I smiled thinking of us being together and fell back asleep.

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