Can't deal (a Niall Horan Movella)

Carter is not the type of girl you take to your mum. She is anything but nice and normal. She says and does what she wants. What happens when Carter runs into the goody goody Niall Horan. Will he change her, or will she change him?

Warning: lots of profanity and sexual content


5. unexpected

Niall's p.o.v




Last night was very interesting. I mean Carter is pretty wild, dancing on coffee tables, taking off her bra( and might I add her boobs are amazing) but that's besides the point. I know she might seem a little crazy but I know there is more to her.


Carter's p.o.v 


When I woke up I wasn't in my bed it was far too hard. I wasnt in the same clothes I was in yesterday. I had on a long white t-shirt. Then a door opened, and out walked a dipping wet sexy Niall. "Wtf, what are you doing" I yelled as I covered my eyes. "Oh Carter your awake, how does your head feel" he said in a concerned tone. "My head feels fine but that still doesn't explain why I'm half naked in Your room" I replied in a aggravated tone. "Are you sure cause you hit your head pretty hard last night" Niall questioned in his cute accent. "Omfg Niall stop stalling and tell me what the fuck happened" I yelled. "Ok calm down love nothing happened, at the party last night you hit your head and blacked out, so I called the party off and let you sleep here" He explained. "Ok but that still doesn't explain how I got in this t-shirt" I asked suspiciously.  "Oh I put you in it" he said then winked. "Oh and btw your really cute when you sleep" he smiled suductivly. "Ok that really turned me on, wait did I just say that out loud" "yes you did but it's fine" he smirked. By now he is fully clothed and sitting next to me. 




Niall's p.o.v 



"Well I should probably go" she said suddenly. "It's ok you don't have to go, I could make you break fast" "No I kind of have to get home, my parents are probably worried sick" she said as she put on her clothes. "Ok but can i at least get your number" "Yeah, sure"



Carter's p.o.v 


After I gave him my number i grabbed my Phone and keys and left. when  I got in my car my phone started to ring. The screen read Janus. "Hello" "Hey where are you I've been worried sick" I'm fine I'm just leaving Niall's house" "Wait what! Did yall sleep together" "God I wish, no I passed out so he let me sleep there" "Oh well I'm glad your ok I thought something happened to you" "Im fine, but I have to go on my way home" "ok ttyl" After I got off the phone I started thinking about Niall a lot. The way his hair is perfect all the time and how his eyes are like everlasting oceans.





Niall's p.o.v





She is so beautiful. The way she talks  the way she walks. How could you not love. And u mean love her, I might have only know her for a week but I think- no I know I love her.








Please let me know what you think?


Does Niall really love Carter?


Does Niall love him?


What should happen next?  

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