My New Jerk

What Happends When Selena Marie Gomez Falls inlove with The Dangerous Boy in The School Zayn Javadd Malik.


1. I Can't Handle It I Love You

Zayn sometimes I feel like I can tell you anything like what's my favorite food or who I like? I said. Well I think that you're mouth should be shut cause I'm trying to Watch tv he said putting his finger in my mouth. Well if you're just going to sit there watch tv like a dog eating fat cakes and saying Shh well then I think you should leave so get out of my house I said. But Selena we better do this project I'm sorry I've been acting like that it's just I've never been in a house like this your house is a Mansion and I live in an apartment with my family he said holding my hands and staring at me.

You What Zayn I can't handle it I said. Handle What? He asked. I..I Love you I said. Well why didn't you say that before Hollywood I love you too he said coming in closer then kissing me.

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