Niall has always been looking for his princess, until one day, he didn't have to look anymore. He saw Ava in a flower shop, working with a customer. "Hello, can you help me find some flowers?" I asked and she looked up and our eyes locked. Her eyes shimmered into mine. "Of course." She responded.


5. Oh....


        I watched from the side of stage. Lights flashing, fog, thousands of fans, screaming, and posters. All 5 boys, jumping around, singing, having the best times of their lives. Niall would look offstage every once in a while and I would smile at him. The concert was almost done and I looked behind me. Eleanor, Ariana, Sophia, and Perrie, were all dancing and acting like goofs. "Come join us." Ariana said. I walked over to them and started dancing.


About 5 minutes after dancing to our favorite songs, we took group selfies and posted them online. "Best friends!" Sophia said and we all laughed. The lights on stage dimmed down. "We better go check on the boys." Perrie said. We all 5 walked to the room of refreshments. All of the 5 boys were standing there, sweating, laughing, talking.


"So what did you think?" Niall came over to ask me. "Wow, that was really good, Niall. You boys are really talented." I said and he smiled as he put his hugged me. "I'm glad you enjoyed that." He said and Simon walked in. "Good job, boys." Simon told them and he saw me standing next to Niall. "Do I know you?" He asked me as he made his way to me.


"I am Ava Andrews, Niall's girlfriend." I said and me and him smiled. "Ah, nice to meet you, Ava." Simon said. "Well boys, see you later." He said and he left the room. "Wow, usually he's into meeting our girlfriends, family, etc." Harry said. "Definitely. He just must be tired or something." Liam said and Sophia smiled.


"Well, I better get you to your parents." Niall said to me. "So great to meet everyone. Bye!" I said as I walked out the door with my boyfriend. We got in his car and grabbed something to eat. "Well I better get you home, its getting late." Niall said. We drove back to my place. He walked me to the front door and the outside light was on.


"Mum and dad are expecting me. Well, I will see you tomorrow?" I said. "Of cou-" Niall stopped in his tracks and I made him look me in the eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked him and he didn't look happy. "I am leaving to go on tour in the morning. This is my last night in London." He said and I looked at the ground. "Will I ever see you again?" I asked him. "Someday, I promise." Niall said. Our eyes got teary.


I looked at him and I wiped his tear away. "We shouldn't be sad, your living your dreams, Niall." I said as we gave big teddy bear hugs. We pulled apart and I looked into his eyes. The next thing I knew, I was kissing his soft lips as they touched mine. It lasted for about 10 seconds and then I turned towards the door. "Goodbye, Niall." I said as I walked inside.



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