Niall has always been looking for his princess, until one day, he didn't have to look anymore. He saw Ava in a flower shop, working with a customer. "Hello, can you help me find some flowers?" I asked and she looked up and our eyes locked. Her eyes shimmered into mine. "Of course." She responded.


2. Day Off

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock on my nightstand. I looked at it as it said 8:45am. I got up and walked over to my mirror and looked at myself. "I will look better after I get ready." I said to keep me positive. I walked downstairs to eat breakfast and walked back up and went into the loo. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and fixed up my hair. I walked back into my room, where I was 20 minutes ago. I threw on some jeans and a red shirt with a sweat jacket.


I drove all the way to the flower shop where I had met Ava. I looked at my watch and the time said, 9:55am. I checked how I looked in the car mirror and I didn't look too bad, decent. I walked across the street and stood there, waiting for her. "Niall!" I heard my name being called from a familiar sweet voice. I turned around and saw Ava walking down the street in some jeans, boots, and a sweat jacket. Her hair was down and curly.


"Are you ready to go?" I asked and she started to smile a bit brighter. "I sure am." Ava said and she gave me a little grin. "Let's go!" I said and she linked arms with mine. We crossed the street and got to my car. I turned on the car and she looked at me. "You not one of those guys that try to impress a girl are you?" Ava asked me and I looked at her. "Nope. I just am Niall, my own person." I said and nodded. "Good. I like guys who are their selves." She said.


I drove to the country side and she kept looking out the window. Ava looked at me and got big eyes. "I love this song! Can I turn it up?" She said. "Sure." I said. She started singing and her voice was beautiful and she rolled down the window. Her hair flying in the wind. I couldn't help but smile and laugh. We started singing to the songs we knew, (which was almost every song on the radio).


We pulled over and on a hill was a tree with a lot of shade. We got out and walked up the hill in the sunny morning. We sat against the tree and we talked. "So tell me some things about you, Ava." I said and she started to talk. "Well, I never have really done anything wild in my life yet. I have always had dreams, but never have had time nor money to live them." She said and I looked at her. "First of all, you are the most wild thing that has ever happened to me besides my career. And, if you ever need help trying to live your dreams, just ask me, Ava." I said.


She smiled brighter than the sun. My car's radio was playing our favorite song, it was a slow dance too. "Shall we dance?" I asked as I held out my hand to her. "Gladly to." Ava said. We slowly danced to the music. When she smiled, I smiled. When I laughed at nothing, she would too. At the end of the song, I bend over and picked a flower from the ground. "Every beautiful girl needs a flower in her hair." I said as I tucked it behind her ear.


 We spent the rest of the day talking, eating, laughing, and being ourselves. I have never felt happier with a girl than this. Ava doesn't care if I am in a famous boy band, she only likes me for who I am. I have been looking for a girl like that for a very long time. I wish more girls were like her. Looking for a princess and I think I have found her.

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