A Bella and Jacob Love story

Bella and Jacob are at a young age, they fall in love and........read to find out the interesting details.


1. First Claw


           Here I was, eight, my dad took me to Jacob's house and we became best friends over food fights, secrets, and playing in mud puddles. We had a blast. After more play dates we decided to never let anyone get in between us. We grew and grew, as we got closer and closer. soon enough we are fourteen. One day Jacob asked me out on date. I always new it would happen at some point he said it like he was scared but this is what he said, "Bella Swan,"as he was getting down on one knee, "Will you go on a date with me?"  He was so scared I almost cried, I said yes!


I hope you like the first chapter it isn't long but it is easier on me to write shorter chapter because I am not good with detail, if you like my first chapter please comment what should happen next, what will happen on there date, read the next chapter to find out. It will be the whole date.

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