The Geek in High School(AustinMahone fanfic)

Austin Carter Mahone life wasn't as you think it was he is a nerd who goes to high school.

Austin's POV

My life isn't going well I'm a complete nerd I don't even get girls attention it's like I'm Invisable for them. Football Players throw me around like I'm their dummies why can't they see that I'm a human being like them I'm not different.

Copyright 2014


2. Worst Nightmare

Hi Austin Brenda said reaching her hand. Hi. Wow I never really thought you would speak and eww you're sweating but it's okay Austin it's okay don't worry I'm your friend she said. As I say down at my seat I reached my backpack to get my diary I quickly looked if any one was seeing then I opened it and...

Dear Diary,

I can't Belive it Brenda Brooks is my friend I finally have a friend other than Alex BFF forever right? From here and now I'm not a loser I'm a leader and I'm Awesome my future wife is going to be Brenda Brooks with out Brian getting into my way and.. No my god Brian what are you doing to my book I asked.

Oh What am I doing I'm going to read it out loud so everyone can see how stupid you are Austin.

" Dear Diary,

Blah Blah Blah Balh wait what I'm not a loser I'm a leader and I'm Awesome what he said crapping up. My Future Why is going to Be Brenda Brooks with out Brian getting into my way.

Oh my God haha I heard everyone giggling and laughing.

Oh My god Brian What..What are you doing help!!!

He ain't getting help from me Silvia Sam's Girlfriend hard to ship them Silvam or Samvia it's hard really hard.

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