All Our Endless Summer

Linh has always loved books and slow romantic music. She loved what she did. Her life was always so simple. Until Zayn came into her life. He spoiled her. She loved him. But he didn't realize until it was too late.


2. Zayn.

"Guys, spoiling ladies is not as complicated as it seems. Just convince her you're falling, do the stuff,and dump her. As simple as that." Zayn said, careless. Zayn didn't care About anyone but himself. He's always played girls. But Zayn had a reason. 



He was heartbroken and taken advantage of.


He never told anyone this because he was  ashamed of it. He was used as a toy by a woman he used to love. Now his heart is stone. His stone cold heart doesn't feel. His feeling are in a mental box, locked away in his mind. He said he would never use his feelings again. He was afraid of being heartbroken again. 



Yet, he always noticed that One girl in his classroom. One girl he has not touched. The girl who is always oh so quiet. And she was rather pretty. But, why hadn't she made her feel pleasure yet? That he didn't know. For he has always seen her, talked only once, and never spoke to her again. He mentally challenged himself to get that girl ans break her heart. 

But he never knew she loves him dearly.



Zayn was determined to get this girl, whose name he had already forgotten.

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